If we are true democrats, if we are true patriots, if we are true change and peace loving Ugandans, if we want Uganda to have the best then we should genuinely practice it, we should keep identifying and closing any kind of loop hole that will try to switch our people off this cause, we should keep opening their eyes, motivating them rather than draining their hopes to trash. Let’s inspire, motivate and awake them to stop procrastination, their is no more time if we r all aimed at revamping our motherland Uganda and Africa at large.

we can’t afford to miss this one opportunity, the opportunity of #peoplepower, the opportunity of #Bobiwine. The time is either now or NOW.

For so long we have cried for this, here comes a strong, brave formidable and courageous young patriotic compatriot, very humble and respectful, #Bobiwine, so intelligent and committed to what he believes in, he doesn’t persuade your opinion but atleast he takes his time to open your mind to reality and gives you room for your to make a decision on your own, manged to flip the entire Ugandan political script, inspired everyone, the youths are now politically charged and active.

He flipped the script of his celebrity life to fight for a common Ugandan and then your hear respected men and women whose only pre occupation Is to spark off a signal to the big man in state house to give them “akawogo” talking trash that.

For your own information Ugandans r too smart, we can easily read beyond actions and words, you can fool some of us but you can’t fool all of us, but above all you can fool some people some time but you can’t fool everyone all the time. Uganda is Ripe for Change. Get registered as a voter ate “webereremu”

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