Letter to King Micheal

Dear Mr Mugwanya Micheal ,I know you’re going through a rough time right now but keep calm as you learn from your mistakes.

Politics has a big impact on our lives today however,A person who was raised along Entebbe Road like peng peng i cant laugh at You.I remember your hustle bro nga wetiika Matooke gabantu nabasitulilako Miguugu ku Stella.You have always been hardworking bruh from Matooke Stage to Lido beach Dj.From dejeying to a muscian with indelible Hit songs like Muko Muko.Bruh i remember those luxurious cars you drove along Entebbe road ,You loved me alot elanga Namayilungi tugabaana,Playing cards(mataatu)with our comrades Megadee,Sizzaman,Chagga etc.Michael i just wanna remind you that you’re street smart.These NRM people can destroy anything.I dont care if you’re career is decayed at the moment but with those old hit songs tosobolwa kubulwa 1M a week.

Michael people are bleeding in our Country that’s why they couldn’t support you.Dont sit on a national Tv and praise a dictator because they promised to fund your concert.Why do you think the president reached an extent of offering an open bar for Bebecool’s Concert?Blood come back to the bleeding side (people power).You’re street smart obusente bwobajemu bumala run for your life/career.Wali Mukozi Michael omuntu eyatambulilanga mutooka zamatooke yalimukozi.Imagine a collaboration with Bobiwine, Eddy Kenzo,Mayinja,Hilderman etc tosobola kubulwa kyakulya.Blood sorry about last night but it’s all about the choices you made but you could still do your homework its not late.You should know that the oppressors you support ,bawula abaana ne byaana coz with bebe they bought almost all the tickets but 4 u wapi so we have to learn from such mistakes we make in life wadde twagala sente but those guys will not be there for you every time you need them.BA USER.

Lucifer Nation.

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