Bobiwine throws more light on the article that was published by Daily monitor regarding his plan for Uganda.

Thank you Daily Monitor for this article which highlights some of our thoughts. I must add however, that we shall soon launch our complete agenda for a new Uganda! We have been consulting citizens at different levels seeking their views about the kind of Uganda they want to see when President Museveni’s dictatorship is gone. It is always exciting to see ordinary citizens paint the picture of the kind of country they want to see for themselves and their children. And together, we shall work hard and make that vision come to pass.

Let me also clarify that the headline regarding the death penalty is misleading. My stance was that I am in agreement with several legislators who believe that the death penalty should not be mandatory because that would be abused. In any case, many times people are wrongly accused of offences and convicted! In a functioning criminal justice system, the death penalty is applied in very exceptional circumstances when a convict has gone through a fair trial and there is proof beyond any doubt that the person has committed the most heinous crime(s).



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