From Bizeemu to Bikaaye

From #Bizeemu to #Bikaaye

UNITED STATES DENIES 12 NRM LEADERS VISAS.. these are Mike Mukula,NRM vice president Eastern Region, NRM spokesman Rogers Mulindwa, NRM deputy Secretary General Richard Twodongo,NRM secretary General Kasule Lumumba among others.These were DENIED visas to US to attend the Uganda North America Association-UNAA convention two weeks ago joining General Kare Kaihura and commander of land forces Gen Peter Olwelu who were parmanently banned from entering USA.Roger Mulindwa has defended them saying they had applied for visas very late but sources say some of them like Richard Tondwong were pulled from the plane when they had arleady boardered.U.S is accusing these leaders of human rights abuses, corruption and dictatorship.

Me: (In ma Comfortable bed) Abanyampi ka sukaali keeko oba twongeremu akatangawuzi 🤪
#MuseveniMustGo en other banyampiz.

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