Month: February 2020

This is what Exactly happened to Pallaso

Singer Pallaso reportedly attacked by the xenophobic gang in South Africa. He is still in hiding. If there is anybody in South Africa who can come to his rescue please do it now

This is the car Pallaso was in, apparently the Nigerians killed a native coloured SouthAfrican in that area. So the coloured people (mixed blood) launched a man hunt for Nigerians and Pallaso together with his collegues landed into their roadblock.

But basing on the latest information received, He is not in such a bad shape as earlier reported. Therefore, take heart, everything is under control.

Pallaso has been rescued by the South African Police after our Ambassador in South Africa called police which prompted them to intensify the search until they got him. He is now under going treatment in hospital but reportedly not in good shape. He needs your prayers.