5 things to invest your money on if you want to be rich.

I won’t waste much time doing an Introduction, will just go straight to the 10 things to invest in if you want to be rich.

1. Real Estate: Investing in real estate has always been a sure fire way to earn passive income forever. You can make money from real estate in 2 ways, 1. Through rent and 2. Through appreciation.

2. Starting a business: Starting a business is a lot of work but it is usually worth the energy and money when it eventually pays off, you have to put in extra work though and invest in yourself, understand your industry, get the right team for execution and source for funding.

3. Cash: Yes, liquid cash. Although bank interest rates are so low that they don’t even keep up with inflation rates, you can still invest in cash by doing peer to peer lending and making about 10-15 percent monthly by lending your cash to people.

4. Stocks: Buying stocks simply means you are buying a stake of a publicly traded company. There are many platforms out there now that allow you trade stocks.

5. Yourself: Invest in yourself and become more valuable, get a degree, learn a skill, take courses, read books, just spend money on am becoming a more valuable person, remember people only pay those who can offer value.

I hope to continue with more ways that guarantee profits to invest your money in another article. Meanwhile did I miss anything? let me know in the comments.

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