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Many thanks to all of you fellow Ugandans for mounting pressure and relentlessly demanding for the release of #Selector_Davie, dead or alive.He was today removed from the illegal detention in Makindye military barracks where he and hundreds of other NUP/People Power supporters have been held incomunicado. He was abducted from his home in Magere by soldiers on 12th January and he tells of grave torture visited on him and other detainees. He was paraded before the Bombo court martial this afternoon and released on bail in a very worrying health condition. Please continue demanding for the unconditional release of all political prisoners.#WeAreRemovingADictatorLikeCommentShare


On the morning of 16th of January, I received a call from our president H.E . Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert notifying me of a presser he had organised for all NUP MP-elects later that day. Upon my arrival at the first roadblock staged before the ‘Freedom Drive’ signpost near my President’s home in Magere, I encountered several members of local and foreign press. Some MPs too had already arrived. I had a press briefing with the press crew who briefly interviewed me about the political persecution I’ve faced on several occasions.

After interview, I sought clearance at the roadblock to access my President’s home but the officers referred me to their overall commander whom they said was ahead. They removed their barricades and I proceeded towards his home, where I encountered another roadblock I hadn’t been told about. I was informed from this roadblock that I wouldn’t proceed to my President’s residence under any circumstances without without clearance from the overall commander. The junior officers informed me that their commander was a few metres close to my President’s gate and therefore I should individually reach out to him to seek access to his home. I proceeded to the final check point to have a word with the commander.

I politely requested for passage into his home. He refused and ordered me to make a U-turn to go back where I was coming from. I told him that detaining my President at home without any charges was illegal, and then turned to walk back to my vehicle. No sooner had I turned my back to head back into my vehicle than the commander pushed my head and I fell down on my walking clutch. He grabbed the clutch and started hitting me with the clutch till it split in half. The commander then ordered his men to carry me shoulder high, and then dump me on the ground. Meanwhile, my driver was covering the incident from a distance using his mobile phone camera. They charged at him, confiscated his phone and thumped him mercilessly till he fled back into the vehicle. They then bundled me under the tyres of my vehicle and in the process my sunglasses shattered. They kept grilling me to explain what exactly Bobi Wine and NUP were planning. “What are you doing here? This is not Mityana. You think this country belongs to you?,” the commander barked. I kept wailing and calling out for help but no body could come to my rescue.

Later, the mobile police patrol car arrived and I was bundled in. My suitcoat had been torn in the process so they removed it together with my shirt and me and left my chest exposed. They then threw my broken sunglasses and clutch away, and then whisked me away at breakneck speed. I was driven to Kasangati Police Station where they confiscated all my belongings before putting me in a cell. They took my watch, cash worth UGX 1.7m, my belt, and then ordered suspects I had found in the cell to tie me up but the suspects declined. Angered by the defiance of the suspects, the police officers instituted more beatings on me. They hit my knuckles, ankles, elbows, shoulders, and my neck. One of them dug his nails into my face and left me scarred around the forehead and my eyes. When they were done with the battering, they started being me to leave the cells upon realising that my health had deteriorated. Operatives from SIU Kireka where I was tortured from last year including Musa Walugembe and Hamudan Twesigye were present at the scene. They ordered me to leave their cells saying that they had informed my wife and that she was already on her way to collect me. “We’ve talked to Bridget and we have the ambulance ready. We can drive you to the hospital of your choice or at home,” they said.

They then handed back some of my belongings thye had confiscated and then bundled me into their ambulance. It was around then that our Spokesperson Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi arrived. I had left him at the police road block. On his arrival, the police goons rushed me to Rubaga hospital and dumped me there without even saying anything to the hospital management. Subsequent medical examination revealed that I had sustained injuries around my eyes and face. My neck bone was injured, and I had sustained abdominal muscular strains that todate have affected my walking and standing abilities. I cannot sit or stand on my own. My limb joints too were weakened and can’t ably support my locomotion. The knuckles, ankles and fingers still hurt. Up to now I’m still languishing in agony but I’m steadily recuperating and I believe in a few days I’ll be discharged. Doctors have now advised me to take rest and go for further medical management so that I can fully recover. I’m however puzzled by the police remarks that whatever I faced was self inflicted. This is a consistent narrative they’ve sustained right from the first time they tortured me in their custody to evade accountability. Regarding the struggle, even as I’m confined to my sickbed, I will not give up. We are not giving up regardless of the repression imposed on us. I will start from where I had stopped. Our struggle is within our souls. You may weaken our bodies but not our resolve. We are still firm and focused. It is only a few of us confined to sickbeds, jail cells, torture Chambers and the like. Majority of those in the struggle are free. Our struggle will continue until our country is free from the chains of dictatorship. #JusticeForTortureVictims#WeAreRemovingADictator#FreePoliticalPrisoners

Bobiwine’s special message to all Ugandans and friends of Uganda on what is next| FULL NATION ADDRESS

Fellow Ugandans, I greet you all in the name of the almighty God. I am grateful that I finally have an opportunity to speak to you today, even when my home is still surrounded by soldiers and the police.I am under illegal house arrest and continue to live through this humiliation, but my spirit is strong. I am strong because am aware of the trials and tribulations that those who came before us had to endure in their fight for freedom and democracy.

I am even consoled by the constant reminder that what I am going through today is nothing compared to what many of our comrades and supporters have had to go through for the past three years since we started the People Power Movement! As all Ugandans know, many comrades are dead, others are in hospitals nursing wounds of torture and very many others are in prison for standing for the truth.

Fellow Ugandans, today I stand here to make my first address after the election of 14th January, which all of you know that we won, and which Gen.Museveni aided by Mr Byabakama and the militarily rigged with impunity and which is the reason why am now under house arrest. I must state right from the beginning that we went into this election knowing the nature of the regime we are up against but trusting the people of Uganda to assert their voices. Like many other ruthless dictators, Museveni organizes elections in order to pay lip-service to democracy and to try to buy legitimacy from the world. He was therefore determined to take the nation through the same old ritual this year. Unfortunately for him, he miscalculated this time round.

The question we’ve been getting from some people has always been, why participate in an election that you know was already rigged? As I have said time and again, we participated in this election because we have confidence in the power of the PEOPLE of Uganda. We participated in this election because we believe that the voice of the people can speak loud and clear, and they spoke and everyone felt that.Today I stand here to thank you, fellow Ugandans, for turning up in unprecedented numbers to vote. Mr. Byabakama and his Electral Commission are trying to downplay the numbers of the people who voted, but even the blind could see the overwhelming turn up of Ugandans on the 14th. So on behalf of the National Unity Platform and on my own behalf, I want to thank you for turning up and for voting for change. My message to you today is that your effort was not in vain. Let me also appreciate my fellow presidential candidates for putting their foot forward, but most importantly for rejecting Museveni’s fraud.

Therefore fellow citizens, as I speak to you today, my heart is full of gratitude and confidence because eight days ago you went to the polls and overwhelmingly chose the National Unity Platform and myself to lead you in repairing our broken Nation, which has endured the pain of dictatorship under Gen.Yoweri Museveni for 35years.Unfortunately, Museveni yet again committed a coup against the Constitution and the people of Uganda. By 6:00pm on the day of voting, it was clear from across the country that despite all the rigging he had done, Museveni was defeated resoundingly. From the East to the West; from the North to the South and Central region, it was clear that Ugandans in their masses had rejected the Museveni dictatorship and chosen a New Uganda! Unfortunately, Museveni is such a poor student of history; including his own history.

In a book titled Mission to Freedom written by himself, he justified his decision to go to the bush and start after a rigged election as follows: He said, and I quote;β€œIn December 1980, Ugandans went to the polls. By late afternoon on December 11th, it was clear that UPC and Obote were headed for a resounding defeat inspite of all the rigging they had done at the earlier stages of registration of voters, nomination of candidates, and demarcation of electoral boundaries. The UPC was seized with Panic. Paul Muwanga…..took over the powers of the Electoral Commission. ….. The following day 12th December 1980, using their control of the national radio, the army, the police and other state machinery and backed by the Tanzanian government, Obote and Muwanga announced their coup. ….Once again, a minority, unpopular clique was imposed on the people of Uganda, leaving them with no option but to take up arms in defence of their democratic rights.”This was Museveni speaking! And here we are yet again.

Just replace the actors in that article with Museveni, Byabakama and the like, and it will become alive again. Throughout the campaign period the People of Uganda generally, and more particularly my supporters and myself endured untold suffering, torture, degrading and inhuman treatment on the orders of Gen Museveni. This included but not limited to the dark days of 18th and 19th November 2020 which saw over one hundred innocent, unarmed citizens murdered in cold blood by the police and military.Gen Museveni later bragged about these cold murders and his executioner Gen. Tumwine promised to murder some more, if they dared question how they are being governed. He said “comply, comply, comply…cooperate, cooperate, cooperate”Fellow citizens, when I was nominated to run for President, I informed the nation that this was not just a mere election but a REVOLUTION. And I want to tell you today that the revolution is going on and nothing will stop it.

The regime is desperate to close this chapter and pretend that everything has returned to normal, but I will tell them today, this is only the beginning. The people of Ugandan had every reason to fight for freedom, and now they have an even bigger reason, Their victory was stolen in broad daylight and they are going to defend it.Like most National and International bodies have noted, this election was marred with massive irregularities including state inspired violence, intimidation and harassment of my supporters, myself and other opposition candidates, ballot stuffing with pre-ticked ballot papers in favour of Museveni, alteration of Declaration of Results Forms, Confiscation of Declaration Forms from our agents by Security Personnel, flawed tallying processes, etc.

In many districts across the country our agents were picked from polling stations and detained. To date, many of them are still missing. Amidst all this, Museveni switched off the internet and ordered the local media not to cover the incidents of election fraud and human rights violations. To complete their immoral scheme and to cover up all this evil, they immediately placed me under house arrest and up to now, am still held captive surrounded by the military. It will be remembered that two weeks to the election, my entire campaign team was arrested 49 of them were charged before the military court with a fabricated case of illegal possession of firearms! They include;Twaha Ali aka Nubian Li Daniel Oyerwot aka Dan MagicSebuufu Edward Eddy MutweAganba Athony aka Bobi YoungNyege William aka Kyuma Kya YesuMwijukye Lukman aka Kampala LookmanMuddy NtambiNyanzi William aka MbogoSuki wa BobiNajja sherifRacheal AkiikiNansove SafinaMuwaNamwanje JamilaSemakula HassanKyalimpa Kenny aka sky soldier 18yrsMiiro JohnNsubuga Muhammad Matovu AdamTamale IbraKafooko Stanley aka KistanKivumbi AchleoNyanzi Kaddu IsmaelManga MuzafaluKivumbi Rober aka Mighty familyObicho bonnetSekilanda Samson aka GiantDemands Brian aka M7 must goKatumba RobertNamubiru FatumaNamuyimba Joy aka Joy StrongTwashemelirwe Monica Lutaaya OliverMpanga CharlesKyabaggu Gesera aka Pympa productions Mutalya GeofreyMusic BenedictKalyango BakerMukasa Husein aka OsheSanders JohnBoscoMuganga IsmaTamale FahadMurusha BashirOnzima Geofrey aka TowerLule David Bwanika aka Selector Davie was abducted by the military from his home on the night of 12th January and has never been seen again. Over 3000 supporters were picked up by security and up to now, the whereabouts for most of them are still unknown.

These and many other irregularities and fraudulent actions for which we have overwhelming evidence prove one thing- this has been the most fraudulent election in the history of our Country. It is certainly ten times more fraudulent than the 1980 elections which Museveni hinged on to go to the bush and start a war which claimed more than half a million of our people. What happened on 14th of January is an insult the memory of all those who have paid the ultimate price so that democracy reigns in Uganda.Article 1(4) of the Constitution of Uganda provides that the People shall express their will and consent on who shall govern them and how they should be governed through regular, free and fair elections. But for Museveni and his regime, they have eliminated the words β€œfree and fair”.We therefore, categorically and unequivocally reject the results manufactured by Gen Museveni’s operatives and read by Mr. Byabakama because they do not in any way represent what the People of Uganda chose on the 14th of January 2021 and we have overwhelming evidence to this effect. We call upon the People of Uganda to reject this mockery and refuse to acknowledge Museveni as the winner of the January 14th polls because we defeated him.

Ugandans must resist his treasonous attempt to forcefully impose himself on us as president. Resisting tyranny is not only a right- it is a DUTY for oppressed people to carry out. We encourage all of you to use all non violent and legal means and ides at your disposal to engage in this fight for complete freedom. We have always said that People Power is Our power. The stolen votes belong to the People of Uganda. The people of Uganda must rise to the occasion and free themselves and their country from that small group of gunmen who do not care about our future and that of our country Uganda. Unlike Museveni who unleashed untold violence and suffering on our people in the 1980s, we choose non-violent strategies in the pursuit of freedom and democracy. We are committed to non-violence because we despise violence. That is why we are fighting against a violent tyrant. Studies have shown that non-violence is even much more effective in breaking violent dictatorships.

I therefore encourage all of you citizens to take a firm stand against the M7 regime.Finally, many Ugandans are eager to hear our position on whether or not we shall go to court to challenge the thuggery and fraud. From the 17th of January when the coup was announced, we have received numerous calls advising us on different strategies and we’re we are grateful. Those who are against going to court have told us that it is a waste of time. They have argued that the composition of our Supreme Court as it is today would not rule against Gen. Museveni because he is the one who has appointed all of them to the bench. They have made reference to the past cases filed by Dr. Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi in the same court and how the decisions were arrived at.

They have argued that to go to court is to give Museveni another stamp of legitimacy. Then there are those who are advising us to go to court. Even when they are skeptical about the outcome, they think we have an opportunity to file all this overwhelming evidence before a court of law both for the present and future reference. They think we should exhaust all the present legal avenues and if they have any shortfalls, use this opportunity to expose them. I must add that the regime has been actively trying to frustrate any attempt to go to court. They have intimidated our polling agents, but most crudely confiscated more than 4000 of our Declaration of Results forms, which are of crucial importance in an election petition. We have tasked the authorities to return these forms, but they are yet to respond. The leadership of the National Unity Platform is in the process of consulting stake holders but most importantly the common people and in a few days, we shall communicate our decision to the nation.As regards my illegal house arrest, the police and military have still failed to explain their presence in my home.Fellow Ugandans, stay strong and cheer up. The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. #WeAreRemovingADictator

Another NUP /People power supporter, Kagimu Umar Jim, suspected of having DR forms kidnapped.

Bobi Wine

This is brother Kagimu Umar Jim, a very committed comrade. Like any young other Ugandan looking for survival in our harsh economy, Kagimu has worked in the printing business for some years. He has been printing People Power and NUP materials, including posters and fliers.

On Thursday last week, armed men moving in a minibus (drone) vehicle with concealed private number plates raided his working place at Nasser Road. They suspected him of having some of our DR Forms! They violently arrested him. His family says he is being held at Mbuya military barracks!

Kagimu becomes the fifth person targeted by the regime over DR Forms. To date, over 8000 copies have been confiscated by security operatives from leaders and agents. Having lost the election resoundingly, Museveni is trying to kill all the evidence. But the evidence is all over.

Kagimu is one of the thousands of young people languishing in military jails and other prisons, simply for working for good governance. Hang in there comrades. Freedom is in sight.

Meanwhile, we continue to gather evidence of vote rigging, ballot stuffing, violence by security operatives, alteration of DR Forms, etc. Please forward all forms of video ot pictorial evidence via Whatsapp to +256 701 458299.


Bobiwine on the missing Lule David Bwanika aka π’πžπ₯𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫 πƒπšπ―π’πž 𝐔𝐠 who was kidnapped by army from his home before elections


I met Lule David Bwanika aka π’πžπ₯𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫 πƒπšπ―π’πž 𝐔𝐠 in the same year I met Barbie Kyagulanyi He was adopted at the age of 9 by Barbie’s Aunt who lived in Nsambya. When Barbie came to Kampala in her S.6 vacation, she lived with her aunt in Nsambya and therefore lived in the same house with her Auntie’s adopted son, her adopted cousin.When I met Barbie, it was this ‘adopted’ brother in law of mine that would be the go between me and Barbie throughout all our young courtship.Davie and I became so close that following in my footsteps, he also went into music and became a succesful DJ and sound engineer. He also became so outspoken about issues of his country Uganda and was very instrumental in our campaign. He was our sound engineer on the campaign trail.Like hundreds of my close working associates, Davies’s home in Magere was raided by soldiers on the night 12th of January, they beat him so bad before they bundled him in a drone van they came with and took him away. It is two weeks now and we all don’t know where he is. Efforts to search for him have all been futile. We suspect that, like many comrades who have been abducted by soldiers, he must be languishing in some torture chamber or safe house some where, or even murdered. I pray that you’re still alive my brother, where ever you are. We are with you, you’re in our hearts and prayers It is always darkest before the sun rises. God is with us. Tetulina musango!#FreePoliticalPrisoners