This road we took as a generation to free ourselves from this dictatorship is a series of Episodes, episodes that at times feature moments of Joy and sorrow as it is coupled with loops of confusion, speed bumps of fake friends, red lights of enemies and a lot more tempting parking spaces especially for the weak hearted. But yes that’s life, It is a combination of such opposing entities as happiness & sorrow, pleasure & pain and enjoyment & stress. But still NO human being can always be happy and nobody can be sad all the time, as People power, as NUP we choose Happiness, we choose optimism, we choose positivity amidst all the on goings.

So today being my Birthday I chose happiness, thanks Mum for the efforts, thanks God for Gifting me with this life and thanks friends for those heartwarming wishes you guys have showered me with that up to now are still coming in. Thank you. Its been amazing reading them Anyway I know we are all enclosed in the same garment of the uncertainty whose cause to end it is what binds us and soon or later we shall overcome. Thanks To our President elect BobiWine, the strategist of this ideology that brought us closer in blood and in spirit like brothers and sisters. Man, thank you for your brave and fearless leadership, you are a fantastic role model for all those seeking to understand how to make an impact with their life, you have proven yourself to be a leader of high ethics and morality, As young as u are, you have exhibited uncommon wisdom, remarkable vision, and exemplary leadership. Through your thoughtful leadership, great vision and sincerity, you have had a positive impact on every aspect of our lives deep down in our communities that make up mother Uganda. Behind the musical character is a sweet and accommodating personality of a true leader, on this my birthday I’m proud to call you PRESIDENT ELECT because fact of the matter Ugandans Voted for you then M7 as usual messed up the outcome, but as the situation clearly reads, it is not yet over until it is over because the struggle is as fresh as it was in the beginning.

From day one we were kept in the know that you can never enjoy your success unless you have worked hard for it, so the struggle continues, we wake up every day to recharge our mental batteries to full capacity to continue pushing till the gates of a NEW UGANDA widely open for every Ugandan to enjoy regardless of their race, class, religion, political affiliation and that day is is very soon. On this day I wish all political prisoners could be freed, Eddie Mutwe, Nubian li, Bobiyoung, SirDanMagic, Ricardo, Joy Strong, Map mediya etc. Anyway it’s still upon us to amplify our voices loud for their immediate release because it is what we have as the most powerful weapon.#FreePoliticalPrisoners#M7Mustgo#IstandwithUganda#JBMuwonge

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