The president of the national unity platform, H.E. Kyagulanyi ssentamu Robert aka Bobiwine wrote to leaders of different political parties congratulating them on coming out of the recent elections alive despite the numerous challenges encountered. He also proposed meetings between the leadership of the National Unity Platform and the leadership of different parties, The leadership of NUP shall pay official visits to these comrades and speak with them about the trajectory of the struggle for freedom and democracy.

He said Ours is the National Unity Platform. That this is not just our name- it is our DNA. It is our solid belief that all Ugandans, regardless of their religion, ethnicity, gender, economic status or political affiliation will need to come together and work for the redemption of our nation. That is why we are not deterred by the challenges encountered in the past. We continue to reach out to our brothers and sisters across the board to build a true front for the liberation of Uganda.

Yesterday H.E Bobiwine other NUP leaders including Spokes person Joel, General Secretary Lewis, Dep. G.S Aisha Kabanda etc met the leadership of JEEMA.

Fact of the matter, all this is directed towards ending Dictator Museveni and his dictatorship

But who’s responsible for dictators like Museveni? Is it Bobiwine, NRM, Opposition or me and you?

You see, there will always be people whose personality makeup predisposes them to dictatorship. Many past and contemporary dictators like Museveni suffer from extraordinarily high levels of narcissism, that excessive interest in themselves and paranoia. They have an inflated sense of self-importance. First They lack empathy, guilt that’s why they commit unspeakable atrocities, including murder of innocent civilians.

But while it is easy to vilify dictators, we should also realise that, in many ways, we (the people, me and you) are the ones enabling them. After all, dictators like Museveni cannot function without followers. The good news is, however, that although we enable dictators maybe directly or indirectly, we can also disable them, and that’s one of the many valid reasons why our President sought and continues to seeks Unity btn me and you, amongst all opposition political parties. Unity is one of the powerful tools while fighting a dictator especially when it meets countries like Uganda, composed of over 56 tribes, each speaking totally a different language, such a demographic in a dictatorship is always split along tribal lines, fueled and perpetuated by the dictator himself, it works for him. Because it can cause a section of them to sink deep in waters of submission to fighting dictatorship. But with genuine Unity all those chains can easily be broken to no repair.

H.E. Bobiwine Sticking to the ideology of Unity regardless of our differences is being smart just like he has always, removing a dictator isn’t a hard task however it  is not a walk over. You can remove Museveni and Musevenism remains, You can remove a dictator and dictatorship remains functioning like In Ecuador where the dictator was removed but the polls a year later showed the dictatorial apparatus as the politically strongest of the country.  Similarly, in Bolivia, the dictator -but not the dictatorship- was ousted and it remains functioning and enjoying impunity, controlling the legislative, judicial, electoral, and constitutional institutions, zimababwe under Munangagwa the same story and a lot more live examples, so

under these circumstances especially here in Uganda, what is desirable is non other than  the unity of all leaders opposing the dictatorship, and those having Uganda at heart. It hasn’t happened, but it has not failed. Actually by contrast the visible split and confrontation between members of the opposition and the supporters not only in Uganda is basically a characteristic feature that enables the dictatorial system to remain in power (recently i saw Munygwa degrading fellow opposition saying Museveni is comfortable because of “weak opposition”, really. I wasn’t perplexed especially from a man who just lost an election but it proves a point).  Its been and is still a a big task bringing everyone on board, people pretend to explain and justify UNITY by citing ideological, programmatic, strategic, personal (ambitions), and partisan differences that only create greater confusion in the people that need a non-fictional social economic and political change in this country Uganda. But we don’t give up on that step as well, we shall continue pushing till we win that as well.

Facts reveal that the UNITY needed to defeat dictators like Museveni is constantly sabotaged by “functional opposition members” those who respond to the regime’s interests -which turn out to be their own interests as well- helping to maintain the dictatorial status quo.  Take an example from personal freedoms and family safety to important dealings, political perks (those special benefits that are given to these people), positions of power (Like leader of opposition in parliament and a lot more spots), these all seem to be “compelling reasons” for some opposition members to permanently weaken the possibility of ending the dictatorship because of those political perks.

Of course coming together as one force regardless of our political, class, age and tribal differences, fronting Uganda at heart as a force that opposes this ruthless dictator not only speeds up the process but also breeds a well-oiled chain of command at all levels of different opinions.  

Because the absence of this unity of command and strategy weakens democracy’s options and portrays the dictators’ false image of strength, of which Museveni operates on divide and rule strategy, a transnational strategy to retain power at any cost as well as with the region’s destabilization that’s why he is allover but very fragile, he is too weak, his real weakness is huge due to the popular rejection, the failings of his 36 years rule, his criminal system, and the evidence of its crimes that is all over.  Dictators like him have no chance of surviving but seek ways of prolonging their usurpation of power with persistent damage to the nations they oppress.

We have to finish this assignment. Uganda must be Free

I remain JB Muwonge.





  1. Thank you for your thoughtful analysis. I agree with you that the reason M7 has stayed in power for so long is because the opposition parties have never been united, so making them weaker and unable to achieve the change that is so desperately needed. They haven’t even had the desire for unity because they didn’t want to give up the possibility of being in power themselves, which is a tragedy. Bobi Wine’s vision of servant leadership is unique within Uganda and brings hope – hope for unity and hope for change and hope for the return of democracy after years of military dictatorship. Please take a look at my Blog – see https://margaretinuganda.com/uganda/crisis-in-uganda-2021/ and follow the various links.

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