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Uganda can only progress without Museveni, says H.E. Bobi Wine


Uganda can only progress without Museveni, says H.E. Bobi Wine

Dailyt Monitor’s Derrick Wandera caught up with NUP’s Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, aka Bobi Wine, about the post-election period, the speakership race, and his stake on maybe another Museveni era.

Bobi wine You recently said you took part of the government in the elections. Does that mean you have finally conceded defeat? 

No. We were not defeated, we won this election, but not everything we won was given to us. For example, I won the President seat. I am the president-elect of Uganda, but I was not declared courtesy of the military, the Electoral Commission and other machinations. And Gen Museveni is still holding my lawful position using guns.

But not only [was] the presidency [stolen]. Other positions like Member of Parliament (MP) … mayors like in Entebbe and others were not declared [winners]. But because of too much vigilance, the loopholes in the [ruling National Resistance Movement] NRM [were exposed and] some of our people were declared [victors].

Bobi wine, Are you happy with what you got?   
 Of course, I am not happy. I have said it in the beginning and still say it now that for as long as we still have Gen Museveni ruling over this country, everything else is in vain. We are not happy because I am supposed to be preparing to swear in [as President] and move to Entebbe [State House]. But look, I am stuck in Magere.

Bobi wine, What did you expect the outcome of the elections to be? 
 I expected two things. I was not blind to the fact that all institutions have been compromised, but I knew that we would be announced [winners] because we were winning with an overwhelming majority and everyone saw that.

Two, we also expected to be able to expose the reality that is on ground. We won but we were not announced. But we succeeded in exposing the truth about Mr Museveni. You have seen many nations in the international community castigating Mr Museveni’s regime.

The European Union and the United States have not recognised Mr Museveni and they have slapped sanctions on his officials … not just for human rights violation, but for the disrespect for the democracy.  This means that they don’t recognise him as the President of Uganda and that is a win for the people of Uganda.

Bobi Wine, After elections, you called the country into mass peaceful demonstrations, what was your objective? 
 The objective was to constantly and continuously show the dissatisfaction of the people of Uganda to gun-rule and we largely succeeded. Of course, the Museveni regime has always responded to every peaceful statement with violence but I must tell you that peaceful protests in various ways continue up to now in Uganda and other parts of the world.

For example, those visa sanctions are because of the peaceful protests that have been put all over the world. Our ICC (International Criminal Court) petition is being supported by those protests and we know that there will soon be more fruits.
Bobi wine, And how does that help a Ugandan?
 Everything that contributes to breaking down dictatorship in Uganda, everything that elevated people over guns is a success to the people of Uganda. I believe that the sanctions will certainly help. All dictators begin by sanction because one sanction comes after another and ultimately the dictators come down crumbling like a pack of cards.
Bobi wine, Shortly after the elections, you posted on your Facebook page that friends had gifted you an armoured car. As we speak, it has been slapped with fresh taxes of more than Shs300m. Had they/you evaded taxes? 
The problem here in Uganda is persecution [by] Museveni and his hangers-on. That car was bought for me by friends and family and the taxes were fully paid in the names of the person who shipped it here.

But as soon as the car was transferred to my name, the regime came for it. The regime has come for everything that bears my name; my properties in [city suburbs of] Kamwokya and Busabala even recently here [in Magere], they are trying to use people to throw me out of my house.

That is persecution. The right prices were paid for that car, but because it is my car, they impounded it and slapped me with new taxes. These are some of the things that dictators do. If you read a book titled, Dictatorland, (The men who stole Africa, authored by Mr Paul Kenyon), you will discover that all dictators have the same tricks and same script from which they read.

Bobi wine, You say you are still fighting to reclaim your stolen ‘victory’. What are the timelines and how do you measure success (when Mr Museveni is due to be sworn in for the new term)?
 In the fight for freedom, there can never be a time frame. When I got into the struggle three years ago, I didn’t know that I would be a president-elect in such a short time. [Electoral Commission results for the January 14, 2021 poll show that Mr Museveni was re-elected with 58 per cent while Bobi got 35 per cent of total valid votes – Editor].  When I went into the elections, I knew that I would win but I also knew that Gen Museveni would use his machinations to do what he did, but little did I know that he would go to these heights.

So, I will tell you that as always, dictators never know when they will fall but they always do. The fight for freedom is not a sprint, but it is a marathon and … I know [he will] fall sooner than later.

Bobi Wine, If this pushing out the dictator drags on until 2026, will you run for President again?
I am not looking at running for president. I was elected in 2021; so, that is what we are fighting for now. Before we even think of five years, we should think of now. Five years is way too much time to give to Gen Museveni. Because every day, month, or year that Mr Museveni rules us, more children die, more unrealistic taxes are slapped on people, more people are abducted, sectarianism [worsens] and so many other things happen.  
Bobi Wine, We are a few days away from ushering in a new Parliament and by virtue of your victories in the parliamentary elections, your National Unity Platform (NUP) party is supposed to take Leader of Opposition in Parliament slot. Who is that potential LOP?
 When I was elected to Parliament in 2017, I knew that I was going to a Parliament that is rotten and it is the same thing that I have been telling my colleagues in my party and in the wider Opposition that they are going to a Parliament, but [they] should not look at it as an alpha and omega. They should consider it as one of the fronts.
 The common people who are the true freedom fighters must be involved as well as the Parliament. In the times of slavery, as the congressmen and women went to articulate issues, the slaves in the plantations confronted the vice head-on. The question of who will become LoP is not for me to answer now because my party has an executive board that sits and makes such decisions.
The Political Parties and Other Organisations Act and the NUP constitution vest the powers of appointing an LoP in the President of the party with a majority in Parliament. Are you running away from your obligations?
  No, I am not running away. As President of NUP, I am the chief executive. Being a servant leader and believing in consensus, there is the executive board that makes important decisions and that being a sensitive matter, the board will soon make a decision on it.
Bobi wine, What qualities of  LoP would you like to see in the next Parliament? 
 The values have to be in the same line with what we espouse. The values include discipline, reliability, integrity, fidelity, and service. Those are the values of NUP. That person must have a national mind and looks at people as equal before and under the law.
Bobi wine, As a govt in waiting, what is your agenda in Parliament?
 Our number one agenda in Parliament is to elevate the will and voice of the people of Uganda. It is clear that the leadership and administration of this country have neglected the voice of the people. The people of Uganda just spoke loudly and [un] equivocally, but that was not respected. Instead, everything that is being done is in total contrast to what the people want.
Bobi wine, There have been rumours that you have directed your MPs to back Speaker Rebecca Kadaga. Why aren’t you supporting a candidate of the ruling NRM party?

Just treat that as a rumour. We formed a committee which is doing research and it will bring to us a report about the same. According to us, the problem and, therefore, the solution is not about who becomes Speaker [of Parliament]. Many members are in that Parliament illegitimately because they were forced on to the people of Uganda. We are not looking at Speakers per say, what we are looking for is changing the whole government. We didn’t endorse anybody for the position.
Bobi Wine, During the campaigns, you supported Speaker Kadaga and promised her a position in your cabinet if you were elected. Now she is seeking to become a Speaker where you have a big say on who takes the position. Will you back her candidature?
 I know that there are people in the NRM who would not act as wicked as they do if they were not taking express orders from President Museveni. Many have been able to stand on the side of the people like Hon Patrick Nsamba, Hon John Baptist Nambeshe, who is my deputy president, and others.
 So, my thoughts of electing Ms Kadaga in my government is not nepotistic or based on the fact that she is my ‘senga’ (vernacular reverence for aunt or marriage counsellor, depending on tribe and context – editor). She is one of the people who could play a role from eastern Uganda. But whether or not, she [retains her] Speaker [position], that is entirely for the parliamentarians to decide.

Bobi wine, You have been a parliamentarian in the 10th Parliament that is concluding business this week. Did you, during this time, see the Speaker as one who suits the position?
 I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly about Ms Kadaga.  It would be unfair for me to give my comment right now because if I talk about the good, I will be elevating her unfairly above others and if I spoke the bad about her, I would be undoing her efforts. But everybody knows that she presided over the abrogation of our Constitution.
Bobi wine, Uganda is on the brink of breaking the debt ceiling. What should be done to solve the debt crisis in the country? 
Remove Museveni. If we still have a leader who is a thief, who does not care about whether he mortgages the entire State to remain in power, we shall have problems and we shall move from bad to worse.
 We have people that don’t care about the future of Uganda, we have seen leaders that don’t care about their country’s assets. Some of them have had parts of their sovereignty taken over by some countries they owe and we are on the brink of that.

The government does not care about empowering the productivity of the country, we are not productive anymore. We are only exporting housemaids and security guards. We are not producing our own food and natives are being reduced to liability to the State. So, the first recovery to our nation is the removal of a government that does not work towards economic recovery. Gen Museveni and his government are doing everything to sink deep into the mud that we are stuck in.
Bobi wine, After he is removed, what next and how would you recover the economy?
 I don’t want to brag about being such an astute economist, but I know that many proposals have been presented for our recovery by very knowledgeable and well-researched individuals. Unfortunately for us to recover, we must stop the thieving, corruption, misuse, and wastage.  
Bobi wine, What is your say on the new taxes? 
 They are oppressive and they will just continue to be restrictive.  They are a burden to the economy, development, and the country. But it is clear Museveni wants to impoverish Ugandans even more.

Bobi wine, One could argue that the new taxes are to plug the financial hole and improve the debt situation …
 That is a joke. All the taxes that have been introduced are doing nothing, but impoverishing Ugandans more. The taxes that have been collected have not been put to proper use. They have ended in a few hands of the people in government. So, you cannot tell me that you are going to strangle businesses with huge taxes in a bid to elevate the economy while giving tax holidays and exempting foreigners. It doesn’t make sense.
Bobi wine, You have been invited to the swearing-in ceremony. Do we hope attend the inauguration on Wednesday?
What swearing-in? That is illegal and I don’t take part in illegalities. I am the president-elect, so who is going to be swearing-in? That whole function is fraudulent. Only that Museveni has guns around him, but he should be arrested. I am the right president who was elected by the people. That would be a betrayal for the people that elected me President.       

Thank you H.E. Bobiwine for Your Time.

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*THE STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY: LESSONS FROM FOOTBALL AND BOXING* I was here reflecting on what I can compare our struggle to.

The struggle for freedom and democracy in Uganda is like a football game or a boxing match.In these games, there are four categories of people. You have the coaches, the spectators, the referees and the players.

The coaches are mostly those who came before us, whether here in Uganda or other places in the world. Some of them are alive, while others are long dead. They used to be good players before, but they are now retired and are cheering us on from the side. They want to see us succeed, and so, they give us guidance and follow us with their blessings. For me, these people include Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Morgan Tsvangrai, Andrew Kayiira, Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere, etc. Each one of us has his or her own coaches.

The second category are spectators. These are people who simply see things happening. They are as oppressed as everyone else, and sometimes even more oppressed, but they will take no part in trying to change or improve the situation. They wait for the news every evening to see what Bobi Wine or Dr. Besigye has done today. Each day, they pass by the stalls and see headlines of the worst corruption scandals lining the streets of Kampala, but they look the other way. They know how much money is stolen every year and see the poverty all over, but they don’t want to land themselves in any trouble with the regime. At best, they make a short prayer and keep wishing that things will change some day. They are spectators. They know how the election was rigged and how countless innocent Ugandans are in prisons or killed. They feel bad at how terrible their country is being run. But they will not do anything beyond what they feel. They are angry and hungry, but they have chosen to remain complacent. They follow the goings on and talk so much about politics with their friends. But at the end of each day, they return home unbothered or unwilling to get involved.

The third category is that of referees. These people are neither players nor spectators, but they are very busy on the pitch. They spend all their time criticising everyone for not playing right, but they will never set foot into the football pitch or the boxing ring. Their duty is to judge all the people all the time. When there is a protest, they keep home, and in the evening post on Facebook how the protest could have been done better. They will not show up to guard the vote but will ask why you did not do this or that to guard the vote. They know how to give yellow cards and red cards to everyone else except themselves. Their preferred statements are, “You should have done this or done that.” You ask them why they did not come in to do that which they say was right, but well, they are referees! When they appear on television or write articles, they ask why you did not this or that! They never come in when the players need advice; they only come in when the players make mistakes. They rarely notice the achievements- they only notice the faults and sing their voices hoarse. They are experts at pointing out mistakes. If they do not find any mistake, they will try their best to create it!

Finally, the fourth category is that of players. These are comrades who are right into the game. They are sweating all over, fighting very hard to win the prize. When they get knocked down, they rise up again. When the spectators boo them, they strive to better their game. In a struggle like ours, these are men and women who have sacrificed everything in order to be participants in the liberation of their country. They come up with all sorts of ideas and try them out. Some of their ideas may be amateurish or even reckless, but their passion drives them to try out anything to further the cause. Their joy is seeing the struggle advances to the next stage. When they fail today, they return tomorrow. Some of them have injuries, others have scars. Yet, they soldier on. Their glory and joy lies in nothing else, but seeing the struggle succeed or at least move forward each day. Their eyes do not leave the ball. They follow it wherever it goes- their aim is simply scoring goals.

Of course, as in football, some players are often compromised by the opposing camp and deliberately score “own goals”. But these do not go far. They are soon exposed by their actions, because if their actions are to the advantage of the opponent, then you don’t ask who they work for. To you who is reading this, my question is, where do you fall? Comrades who are truly in the struggle for freedom must be players! That is what we are called to do. Leave the referees alone. Their job description is to find fault, even where it is not. BUT NEITHER THE REFEREES NOR THE SPECTATORS EVER GET THE TROPHY. The trophy is won by the players. When they win it, they will often run and hand it over to the coach!

Of course the sad irony is that when victory is eventually won, the referees and spectators will often ask for the best seat at the high table. But the player is not even bothered by this- all he wants is to smell the sweet scent of victory.

Fellow players, let us keep our eyes on the prize. God is with us. Teri kuzikiza.#WeAreRemovingADictator


The president of the national unity platform, H.E. Kyagulanyi ssentamu Robert aka Bobiwine wrote to leaders of different political parties congratulating them on coming out of the recent elections alive despite the numerous challenges encountered. He also proposed meetings between the leadership of the National Unity Platform and the leadership of different parties, The leadership of NUP shall pay official visits to these comrades and speak with them about the trajectory of the struggle for freedom and democracy.

He said Ours is the National Unity Platform. That this is not just our name- it is our DNA. It is our solid belief that all Ugandans, regardless of their religion, ethnicity, gender, economic status or political affiliation will need to come together and work for the redemption of our nation. That is why we are not deterred by the challenges encountered in the past. We continue to reach out to our brothers and sisters across the board to build a true front for the liberation of Uganda.

Yesterday H.E Bobiwine other NUP leaders including Spokes person Joel, General Secretary Lewis, Dep. G.S Aisha Kabanda etc met the leadership of JEEMA.

Fact of the matter, all this is directed towards ending Dictator Museveni and his dictatorship

But who’s responsible for dictators like Museveni? Is it Bobiwine, NRM, Opposition or me and you?

You see, there will always be people whose personality makeup predisposes them to dictatorship. Many past and contemporary dictators like Museveni suffer from extraordinarily high levels of narcissism, that excessive interest in themselves and paranoia. They have an inflated sense of self-importance. First They lack empathy, guilt that’s why they commit unspeakable atrocities, including murder of innocent civilians.

But while it is easy to vilify dictators, we should also realise that, in many ways, we (the people, me and you) are the ones enabling them. After all, dictators like Museveni cannot function without followers. The good news is, however, that although we enable dictators maybe directly or indirectly, we can also disable them, and that’s one of the many valid reasons why our President sought and continues to seeks Unity btn me and you, amongst all opposition political parties. Unity is one of the powerful tools while fighting a dictator especially when it meets countries like Uganda, composed of over 56 tribes, each speaking totally a different language, such a demographic in a dictatorship is always split along tribal lines, fueled and perpetuated by the dictator himself, it works for him. Because it can cause a section of them to sink deep in waters of submission to fighting dictatorship. But with genuine Unity all those chains can easily be broken to no repair.

H.E. Bobiwine Sticking to the ideology of Unity regardless of our differences is being smart just like he has always, removing a dictator isn’t a hard task however it  is not a walk over. You can remove Museveni and Musevenism remains, You can remove a dictator and dictatorship remains functioning like In Ecuador where the dictator was removed but the polls a year later showed the dictatorial apparatus as the politically strongest of the country.  Similarly, in Bolivia, the dictator -but not the dictatorship- was ousted and it remains functioning and enjoying impunity, controlling the legislative, judicial, electoral, and constitutional institutions, zimababwe under Munangagwa the same story and a lot more live examples, so

under these circumstances especially here in Uganda, what is desirable is non other than  the unity of all leaders opposing the dictatorship, and those having Uganda at heart. It hasn’t happened, but it has not failed. Actually by contrast the visible split and confrontation between members of the opposition and the supporters not only in Uganda is basically a characteristic feature that enables the dictatorial system to remain in power (recently i saw Munygwa degrading fellow opposition saying Museveni is comfortable because of “weak opposition”, really. I wasn’t perplexed especially from a man who just lost an election but it proves a point).  Its been and is still a a big task bringing everyone on board, people pretend to explain and justify UNITY by citing ideological, programmatic, strategic, personal (ambitions), and partisan differences that only create greater confusion in the people that need a non-fictional social economic and political change in this country Uganda. But we don’t give up on that step as well, we shall continue pushing till we win that as well.

Facts reveal that the UNITY needed to defeat dictators like Museveni is constantly sabotaged by “functional opposition members” those who respond to the regime’s interests -which turn out to be their own interests as well- helping to maintain the dictatorial status quo.  Take an example from personal freedoms and family safety to important dealings, political perks (those special benefits that are given to these people), positions of power (Like leader of opposition in parliament and a lot more spots), these all seem to be “compelling reasons” for some opposition members to permanently weaken the possibility of ending the dictatorship because of those political perks.

Of course coming together as one force regardless of our political, class, age and tribal differences, fronting Uganda at heart as a force that opposes this ruthless dictator not only speeds up the process but also breeds a well-oiled chain of command at all levels of different opinions.  

Because the absence of this unity of command and strategy weakens democracy’s options and portrays the dictators’ false image of strength, of which Museveni operates on divide and rule strategy, a transnational strategy to retain power at any cost as well as with the region’s destabilization that’s why he is allover but very fragile, he is too weak, his real weakness is huge due to the popular rejection, the failings of his 36 years rule, his criminal system, and the evidence of its crimes that is all over.  Dictators like him have no chance of surviving but seek ways of prolonging their usurpation of power with persistent damage to the nations they oppress.

We have to finish this assignment. Uganda must be Free

I remain JB Muwonge.





This road we took as a generation to free ourselves from this dictatorship is a series of Episodes, episodes that at times feature moments of Joy and sorrow as it is coupled with loops of confusion, speed bumps of fake friends, red lights of enemies and a lot more tempting parking spaces especially for the weak hearted. But yes that’s life, It is a combination of such opposing entities as happiness & sorrow, pleasure & pain and enjoyment & stress. But still NO human being can always be happy and nobody can be sad all the time, as People power, as NUP we choose Happiness, we choose optimism, we choose positivity amidst all the on goings.

So today being my Birthday I chose happiness, thanks Mum for the efforts, thanks God for Gifting me with this life and thanks friends for those heartwarming wishes you guys have showered me with that up to now are still coming in. Thank you. Its been amazing reading them Anyway I know we are all enclosed in the same garment of the uncertainty whose cause to end it is what binds us and soon or later we shall overcome. Thanks To our President elect BobiWine, the strategist of this ideology that brought us closer in blood and in spirit like brothers and sisters. Man, thank you for your brave and fearless leadership, you are a fantastic role model for all those seeking to understand how to make an impact with their life, you have proven yourself to be a leader of high ethics and morality, As young as u are, you have exhibited uncommon wisdom, remarkable vision, and exemplary leadership. Through your thoughtful leadership, great vision and sincerity, you have had a positive impact on every aspect of our lives deep down in our communities that make up mother Uganda. Behind the musical character is a sweet and accommodating personality of a true leader, on this my birthday I’m proud to call you PRESIDENT ELECT because fact of the matter Ugandans Voted for you then M7 as usual messed up the outcome, but as the situation clearly reads, it is not yet over until it is over because the struggle is as fresh as it was in the beginning.

From day one we were kept in the know that you can never enjoy your success unless you have worked hard for it, so the struggle continues, we wake up every day to recharge our mental batteries to full capacity to continue pushing till the gates of a NEW UGANDA widely open for every Ugandan to enjoy regardless of their race, class, religion, political affiliation and that day is is very soon. On this day I wish all political prisoners could be freed, Eddie Mutwe, Nubian li, Bobiyoung, SirDanMagic, Ricardo, Joy Strong, Map mediya etc. Anyway it’s still upon us to amplify our voices loud for their immediate release because it is what we have as the most powerful weapon.#FreePoliticalPrisoners#M7Mustgo#IstandwithUganda#JBMuwonge

Dismissing the NRM propagandists.

Moush Dismissing the NRM propagandists.

Karamoja sub-region remains one of the areas with highest military deployment. The number of UPDF soldiers almost equals the number of civilians in the region. Our survival as NUP team entirely depended on how adaptive we could be in the midst of extreme persecution.

A week to elections, my counterpart supervising Southern Karamoja was arrested together with his team, the entire network of agents went into panic mode and disarray. They hid and disguised, I had to rush to Moroto to see if I could save the situation, I managed to beat the security and we met in the bushes to forge a way forward.
Thank God, the remaining team led by Lukwago Ashiraph and Emmy Katongole was still strong despite the scary environment.
The detained team remained in custody till 13th Jan and upon release,they were instructed never to set foot in Karamoja.
No sooner had they left Moroto than the security got knowledge that I was in the district with agent letters and other polling materials. The hunt for us ensued, they were looking for someone with a long beard. We hid in a Kazigo for as long as possible….I left Moroto at 4AM only to meet a blockade at Nadonget. The car was searched, i was donning NRM attire, the police was confused.
By the grace of God I was let go, I had to cover the entire 9 districts with 19 constituencies.
No sooner had I left Moroto,than I got a phone call telling me about the arrest of the remaining team…the agent letters and money were confiscated. This was a huge blow, they were detained in a military barracks.
Meanwhile in Lango,Acholi, West Nile and Western Uganda our teams were being arrested left right and center, Ainebyona the Diaspora leader wasn’t spared too. Basically the past election was purely a silent military mission.
The team in Moroto was released on 14th at mid day after so much ballot stuffing had already been done. We tried to raise money and find letters again. It was a toll order but salute to the team, we managed to accomplish the task.
The RDCs were so busy, in this sub-region, an RDC is like a military general. He moves with a battalion. They managed to create an environment that makes opposition politics a taboo in the region. NRM should be ashamed to claim victory or legitimacy, I can testify that without guns and bribery, NRM can’t be bowed to. It’s basically “raping” us.
Let NRM pride in murder, bribery, brutality and other horrors but not in winning an election. Without such, NRM is a shadow.

I will give another account of the horrors of this regime being committed in the entire sub-region. Aluta continua.





Many thanks to all of you fellow Ugandans for mounting pressure and relentlessly demanding for the release of #Selector_Davie, dead or alive.He was today removed from the illegal detention in Makindye military barracks where he and hundreds of other NUP/People Power supporters have been held incomunicado. He was abducted from his home in Magere by soldiers on 12th January and he tells of grave torture visited on him and other detainees. He was paraded before the Bombo court martial this afternoon and released on bail in a very worrying health condition. Please continue demanding for the unconditional release of all political prisoners.#WeAreRemovingADictatorLikeCommentShare


On the morning of 16th of January, I received a call from our president H.E . Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert notifying me of a presser he had organised for all NUP MP-elects later that day. Upon my arrival at the first roadblock staged before the ‘Freedom Drive’ signpost near my President’s home in Magere, I encountered several members of local and foreign press. Some MPs too had already arrived. I had a press briefing with the press crew who briefly interviewed me about the political persecution I’ve faced on several occasions.

After interview, I sought clearance at the roadblock to access my President’s home but the officers referred me to their overall commander whom they said was ahead. They removed their barricades and I proceeded towards his home, where I encountered another roadblock I hadn’t been told about. I was informed from this roadblock that I wouldn’t proceed to my President’s residence under any circumstances without without clearance from the overall commander. The junior officers informed me that their commander was a few metres close to my President’s gate and therefore I should individually reach out to him to seek access to his home. I proceeded to the final check point to have a word with the commander.

I politely requested for passage into his home. He refused and ordered me to make a U-turn to go back where I was coming from. I told him that detaining my President at home without any charges was illegal, and then turned to walk back to my vehicle. No sooner had I turned my back to head back into my vehicle than the commander pushed my head and I fell down on my walking clutch. He grabbed the clutch and started hitting me with the clutch till it split in half. The commander then ordered his men to carry me shoulder high, and then dump me on the ground. Meanwhile, my driver was covering the incident from a distance using his mobile phone camera. They charged at him, confiscated his phone and thumped him mercilessly till he fled back into the vehicle. They then bundled me under the tyres of my vehicle and in the process my sunglasses shattered. They kept grilling me to explain what exactly Bobi Wine and NUP were planning. “What are you doing here? This is not Mityana. You think this country belongs to you?,” the commander barked. I kept wailing and calling out for help but no body could come to my rescue.

Later, the mobile police patrol car arrived and I was bundled in. My suitcoat had been torn in the process so they removed it together with my shirt and me and left my chest exposed. They then threw my broken sunglasses and clutch away, and then whisked me away at breakneck speed. I was driven to Kasangati Police Station where they confiscated all my belongings before putting me in a cell. They took my watch, cash worth UGX 1.7m, my belt, and then ordered suspects I had found in the cell to tie me up but the suspects declined. Angered by the defiance of the suspects, the police officers instituted more beatings on me. They hit my knuckles, ankles, elbows, shoulders, and my neck. One of them dug his nails into my face and left me scarred around the forehead and my eyes. When they were done with the battering, they started being me to leave the cells upon realising that my health had deteriorated. Operatives from SIU Kireka where I was tortured from last year including Musa Walugembe and Hamudan Twesigye were present at the scene. They ordered me to leave their cells saying that they had informed my wife and that she was already on her way to collect me. “We’ve talked to Bridget and we have the ambulance ready. We can drive you to the hospital of your choice or at home,” they said.

They then handed back some of my belongings thye had confiscated and then bundled me into their ambulance. It was around then that our Spokesperson Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi arrived. I had left him at the police road block. On his arrival, the police goons rushed me to Rubaga hospital and dumped me there without even saying anything to the hospital management. Subsequent medical examination revealed that I had sustained injuries around my eyes and face. My neck bone was injured, and I had sustained abdominal muscular strains that todate have affected my walking and standing abilities. I cannot sit or stand on my own. My limb joints too were weakened and can’t ably support my locomotion. The knuckles, ankles and fingers still hurt. Up to now I’m still languishing in agony but I’m steadily recuperating and I believe in a few days I’ll be discharged. Doctors have now advised me to take rest and go for further medical management so that I can fully recover. I’m however puzzled by the police remarks that whatever I faced was self inflicted. This is a consistent narrative they’ve sustained right from the first time they tortured me in their custody to evade accountability. Regarding the struggle, even as I’m confined to my sickbed, I will not give up. We are not giving up regardless of the repression imposed on us. I will start from where I had stopped. Our struggle is within our souls. You may weaken our bodies but not our resolve. We are still firm and focused. It is only a few of us confined to sickbeds, jail cells, torture Chambers and the like. Majority of those in the struggle are free. Our struggle will continue until our country is free from the chains of dictatorship. #JusticeForTortureVictims#WeAreRemovingADictator#FreePoliticalPrisoners

Bobiwine’s special message to all Ugandans and friends of Uganda on what is next| FULL NATION ADDRESS

Fellow Ugandans, I greet you all in the name of the almighty God. I am grateful that I finally have an opportunity to speak to you today, even when my home is still surrounded by soldiers and the police.I am under illegal house arrest and continue to live through this humiliation, but my spirit is strong. I am strong because am aware of the trials and tribulations that those who came before us had to endure in their fight for freedom and democracy.

I am even consoled by the constant reminder that what I am going through today is nothing compared to what many of our comrades and supporters have had to go through for the past three years since we started the People Power Movement! As all Ugandans know, many comrades are dead, others are in hospitals nursing wounds of torture and very many others are in prison for standing for the truth.

Fellow Ugandans, today I stand here to make my first address after the election of 14th January, which all of you know that we won, and which Gen.Museveni aided by Mr Byabakama and the militarily rigged with impunity and which is the reason why am now under house arrest. I must state right from the beginning that we went into this election knowing the nature of the regime we are up against but trusting the people of Uganda to assert their voices. Like many other ruthless dictators, Museveni organizes elections in order to pay lip-service to democracy and to try to buy legitimacy from the world. He was therefore determined to take the nation through the same old ritual this year. Unfortunately for him, he miscalculated this time round.

The question we’ve been getting from some people has always been, why participate in an election that you know was already rigged? As I have said time and again, we participated in this election because we have confidence in the power of the PEOPLE of Uganda. We participated in this election because we believe that the voice of the people can speak loud and clear, and they spoke and everyone felt that.Today I stand here to thank you, fellow Ugandans, for turning up in unprecedented numbers to vote. Mr. Byabakama and his Electral Commission are trying to downplay the numbers of the people who voted, but even the blind could see the overwhelming turn up of Ugandans on the 14th. So on behalf of the National Unity Platform and on my own behalf, I want to thank you for turning up and for voting for change. My message to you today is that your effort was not in vain. Let me also appreciate my fellow presidential candidates for putting their foot forward, but most importantly for rejecting Museveni’s fraud.

Therefore fellow citizens, as I speak to you today, my heart is full of gratitude and confidence because eight days ago you went to the polls and overwhelmingly chose the National Unity Platform and myself to lead you in repairing our broken Nation, which has endured the pain of dictatorship under Gen.Yoweri Museveni for 35years.Unfortunately, Museveni yet again committed a coup against the Constitution and the people of Uganda. By 6:00pm on the day of voting, it was clear from across the country that despite all the rigging he had done, Museveni was defeated resoundingly. From the East to the West; from the North to the South and Central region, it was clear that Ugandans in their masses had rejected the Museveni dictatorship and chosen a New Uganda! Unfortunately, Museveni is such a poor student of history; including his own history.

In a book titled Mission to Freedom written by himself, he justified his decision to go to the bush and start after a rigged election as follows: He said, and I quote;“In December 1980, Ugandans went to the polls. By late afternoon on December 11th, it was clear that UPC and Obote were headed for a resounding defeat inspite of all the rigging they had done at the earlier stages of registration of voters, nomination of candidates, and demarcation of electoral boundaries. The UPC was seized with Panic. Paul Muwanga…..took over the powers of the Electoral Commission. ….. The following day 12th December 1980, using their control of the national radio, the army, the police and other state machinery and backed by the Tanzanian government, Obote and Muwanga announced their coup. ….Once again, a minority, unpopular clique was imposed on the people of Uganda, leaving them with no option but to take up arms in defence of their democratic rights.”This was Museveni speaking! And here we are yet again.

Just replace the actors in that article with Museveni, Byabakama and the like, and it will become alive again. Throughout the campaign period the People of Uganda generally, and more particularly my supporters and myself endured untold suffering, torture, degrading and inhuman treatment on the orders of Gen Museveni. This included but not limited to the dark days of 18th and 19th November 2020 which saw over one hundred innocent, unarmed citizens murdered in cold blood by the police and military.Gen Museveni later bragged about these cold murders and his executioner Gen. Tumwine promised to murder some more, if they dared question how they are being governed. He said “comply, comply, comply…cooperate, cooperate, cooperate”Fellow citizens, when I was nominated to run for President, I informed the nation that this was not just a mere election but a REVOLUTION. And I want to tell you today that the revolution is going on and nothing will stop it.

The regime is desperate to close this chapter and pretend that everything has returned to normal, but I will tell them today, this is only the beginning. The people of Ugandan had every reason to fight for freedom, and now they have an even bigger reason, Their victory was stolen in broad daylight and they are going to defend it.Like most National and International bodies have noted, this election was marred with massive irregularities including state inspired violence, intimidation and harassment of my supporters, myself and other opposition candidates, ballot stuffing with pre-ticked ballot papers in favour of Museveni, alteration of Declaration of Results Forms, Confiscation of Declaration Forms from our agents by Security Personnel, flawed tallying processes, etc.

In many districts across the country our agents were picked from polling stations and detained. To date, many of them are still missing. Amidst all this, Museveni switched off the internet and ordered the local media not to cover the incidents of election fraud and human rights violations. To complete their immoral scheme and to cover up all this evil, they immediately placed me under house arrest and up to now, am still held captive surrounded by the military. It will be remembered that two weeks to the election, my entire campaign team was arrested 49 of them were charged before the military court with a fabricated case of illegal possession of firearms! They include;Twaha Ali aka Nubian Li Daniel Oyerwot aka Dan MagicSebuufu Edward Eddy MutweAganba Athony aka Bobi YoungNyege William aka Kyuma Kya YesuMwijukye Lukman aka Kampala LookmanMuddy NtambiNyanzi William aka MbogoSuki wa BobiNajja sherifRacheal AkiikiNansove SafinaMuwaNamwanje JamilaSemakula HassanKyalimpa Kenny aka sky soldier 18yrsMiiro JohnNsubuga Muhammad Matovu AdamTamale IbraKafooko Stanley aka KistanKivumbi AchleoNyanzi Kaddu IsmaelManga MuzafaluKivumbi Rober aka Mighty familyObicho bonnetSekilanda Samson aka GiantDemands Brian aka M7 must goKatumba RobertNamubiru FatumaNamuyimba Joy aka Joy StrongTwashemelirwe Monica Lutaaya OliverMpanga CharlesKyabaggu Gesera aka Pympa productions Mutalya GeofreyMusic BenedictKalyango BakerMukasa Husein aka OsheSanders JohnBoscoMuganga IsmaTamale FahadMurusha BashirOnzima Geofrey aka TowerLule David Bwanika aka Selector Davie was abducted by the military from his home on the night of 12th January and has never been seen again. Over 3000 supporters were picked up by security and up to now, the whereabouts for most of them are still unknown.

These and many other irregularities and fraudulent actions for which we have overwhelming evidence prove one thing- this has been the most fraudulent election in the history of our Country. It is certainly ten times more fraudulent than the 1980 elections which Museveni hinged on to go to the bush and start a war which claimed more than half a million of our people. What happened on 14th of January is an insult the memory of all those who have paid the ultimate price so that democracy reigns in Uganda.Article 1(4) of the Constitution of Uganda provides that the People shall express their will and consent on who shall govern them and how they should be governed through regular, free and fair elections. But for Museveni and his regime, they have eliminated the words “free and fair”.We therefore, categorically and unequivocally reject the results manufactured by Gen Museveni’s operatives and read by Mr. Byabakama because they do not in any way represent what the People of Uganda chose on the 14th of January 2021 and we have overwhelming evidence to this effect. We call upon the People of Uganda to reject this mockery and refuse to acknowledge Museveni as the winner of the January 14th polls because we defeated him.

Ugandans must resist his treasonous attempt to forcefully impose himself on us as president. Resisting tyranny is not only a right- it is a DUTY for oppressed people to carry out. We encourage all of you to use all non violent and legal means and ides at your disposal to engage in this fight for complete freedom. We have always said that People Power is Our power. The stolen votes belong to the People of Uganda. The people of Uganda must rise to the occasion and free themselves and their country from that small group of gunmen who do not care about our future and that of our country Uganda. Unlike Museveni who unleashed untold violence and suffering on our people in the 1980s, we choose non-violent strategies in the pursuit of freedom and democracy. We are committed to non-violence because we despise violence. That is why we are fighting against a violent tyrant. Studies have shown that non-violence is even much more effective in breaking violent dictatorships.

I therefore encourage all of you citizens to take a firm stand against the M7 regime.Finally, many Ugandans are eager to hear our position on whether or not we shall go to court to challenge the thuggery and fraud. From the 17th of January when the coup was announced, we have received numerous calls advising us on different strategies and we’re we are grateful. Those who are against going to court have told us that it is a waste of time. They have argued that the composition of our Supreme Court as it is today would not rule against Gen. Museveni because he is the one who has appointed all of them to the bench. They have made reference to the past cases filed by Dr. Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi in the same court and how the decisions were arrived at.

They have argued that to go to court is to give Museveni another stamp of legitimacy. Then there are those who are advising us to go to court. Even when they are skeptical about the outcome, they think we have an opportunity to file all this overwhelming evidence before a court of law both for the present and future reference. They think we should exhaust all the present legal avenues and if they have any shortfalls, use this opportunity to expose them. I must add that the regime has been actively trying to frustrate any attempt to go to court. They have intimidated our polling agents, but most crudely confiscated more than 4000 of our Declaration of Results forms, which are of crucial importance in an election petition. We have tasked the authorities to return these forms, but they are yet to respond. The leadership of the National Unity Platform is in the process of consulting stake holders but most importantly the common people and in a few days, we shall communicate our decision to the nation.As regards my illegal house arrest, the police and military have still failed to explain their presence in my home.Fellow Ugandans, stay strong and cheer up. The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. #WeAreRemovingADictator

Another NUP /People power supporter, Kagimu Umar Jim, suspected of having DR forms kidnapped.

Bobi Wine

This is brother Kagimu Umar Jim, a very committed comrade. Like any young other Ugandan looking for survival in our harsh economy, Kagimu has worked in the printing business for some years. He has been printing People Power and NUP materials, including posters and fliers.

On Thursday last week, armed men moving in a minibus (drone) vehicle with concealed private number plates raided his working place at Nasser Road. They suspected him of having some of our DR Forms! They violently arrested him. His family says he is being held at Mbuya military barracks!

Kagimu becomes the fifth person targeted by the regime over DR Forms. To date, over 8000 copies have been confiscated by security operatives from leaders and agents. Having lost the election resoundingly, Museveni is trying to kill all the evidence. But the evidence is all over.

Kagimu is one of the thousands of young people languishing in military jails and other prisons, simply for working for good governance. Hang in there comrades. Freedom is in sight.

Meanwhile, we continue to gather evidence of vote rigging, ballot stuffing, violence by security operatives, alteration of DR Forms, etc. Please forward all forms of video ot pictorial evidence via Whatsapp to +256 701 458299.