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kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert NUP Presidential candidate manifesto launch speech


The people of Uganda gathered in this place and those watching us all over the country and all over the world;Madam Deputy President, Western UgandaMr. Deputy President, Central Uganda;Madam Deputy President, Northern;Mr. Deputy President, Eastern Region;The next first lady of Uganda Mrs. Barbara Itungo Kagaaju Kyagulanyi;Distinguished leaders of the NUP!

Abantu ba Mbarara, muri buhooro? Muri buhoorogye? Mugumire? First of all, it is not by mistake that in observing protocol, I started with you, the ordinary people before recognizing the leaders! No, this is intended because we have told you time and again that it is our policy to put the people of Uganda first in everything we do. Our assurance is that when we take over government, which we shall soon do, the people of Uganda will for the first time in history become the bosses and the leaders will be servants!

Countrymen and women, I bring you greetings once again and I thank God for giving us this opportunity to meet here in Mbarara to launch the manifesto of the National Unity Platform. All I can say is, Ebenezer, thus far the Lord has brought us, and we believe that he will guide us into the new Uganda! Fellow citizens, before I go into any policy alternatives, allow me to mention that the greatness of any nation does not lie in having a beautiful manifesto or even in having many well written policy documents. The greatness of any nation lies in the commitment of leaders who say what they mean and mean what they say.

It lies in having patriotic leaders who relate with the challenges of ordinary citizens. Brothers and sisters, the greatness of any nation lies in having leaders who are focused on the next generation and not on the next general election. I am not saying there is no value in having a manifesto.

But I want to emphasize that no matter how beautiful the ideas of any candidate in any manifesto are, if there is no will from the leaders to improve the lives of the people, it will be nothing but just words. And to emphasise this point, ladies and gentlemen, just look at all the NRM manifestos since 1996.

A quick scan through their promises each election year shows nothing but lies, false promises and contradictions. Just in the last election year, General Museveni went as far as lying to our young children. He moved all over the country promising that government would provide free sanitary pads to school-going children in order to enable the girl-child stay in school. Up to today, this promise, like very many others remains in words.

When she was asked about this, Gen. Museveni’s wife, who doubles as his Minister for Education claimed that there was no money to fulfill this promise. The government has never failed to find billions of shillings to bribe MPs to pass bad laws. They have never failed to find billions of shillings to buy off political opponents or hire mercenaries to sing praises for the regime. They have never failed to find money for luxurious travels abroad for the political class. Yes, they have never failed to find money to purchase teargas and such other oppressive equipment.

But they could not find money to purchase sanitary pads for our young children so as to enable them keep in school. It will be remembered that the rate of children dropping out of school in Uganda is one of the highest in Africa and indeed the whole world.According to UNEB figures, out of 12.2 million children who started P.1 over the past twenty years, only 6.9 million children were able to complete P.7. That is only 57%.The drop-out rate is even much higher in the case of female children. Here in Mbarara, 10,099 children aged between 6 and 15 years are not attending school! Over 72.9% of the people in the greater Mbarara district have only S.4 as their highest level of education.

According to UNESCO, more than half of all female children who begin primary school in Uganda do not complete P.7! In part, this is attributed to the lack of sanitary pads. That a government can fail to find money to save our female children and yet find money for luxury and repression speaks of the worst misuse of public resources coupled with an absolute lack of empathy by a regime which is detached from ordinary Ugandans. It speaks to a government which does not care whatsoever about the plight of the people! The election year is yet again upon us, and once again, Gen. Museveni has come with the same promises, which he has no intention of fulfilling; not now, not in the future.

This is the tragedy of Uganda. Comrades, my assurance to Uganda is that we are not merely making promises in order to win power! No. The National Unity Platform is committed to working with all Ugandans to improve their lives. We believe that immediately after taking over government, every Ugandan from Kaabong to Kisoro, from Yumbe to Busia will experience meaningful change in their way of life. As you have heard already, we have clustered our promise in five critical points which we call the first-five. These are not merely promises.

These are action points which we believe can and shall be achieved. Our promise to the teachers of Uganda is that we shall prioritize their welfare. Teachers must not wait for three months to be paid a salary that is not even enough to pay school fees for their own children. Teachers should be respectable citizens. Our government will ensure that teachers earn a decent salary, that they live in decent accommodation and have access to meaningful benefits when they retire. Our promise to the health-workers is that their work will be respected and rewarded by the government. Today, Uganda loses over 100 doctors every year who leave the country in search for greener pastures abroad. Some even go to neighboring countries such as South Sudan, Kenya and Rwanda.

The lower level health-workers are not exempted from the challenges of poor payment, lack of training opportunities, the absence of equipment in the health facilities, etc. My own mother was a mid-wife and I understand the challenges mid-wives go through. In some cases they have to use candles, torches and tadooba lights to assist delivering mothers. Our promise to all the health-workers is that our government will prioritise their welfare and ensure that they are paid well and on time. Once again, let me repeat our promise for our security forces- the soldiers, police officers and the prisons officers.

There is no reason why soldiers should live in dilapidated houses, in many cases without running water or even electricity. When you look at the conditions of the police stations across the country, you wonder why these police officers, which the regime relies on to keep in power against the will of the people, are treated with so much disrespect. About twenty years ago, the World Health Organisation called for a complete elimination of the use of asbestos because it causes lung cancer.

To date, police officers in our country live in old asbestos roofed houses. Of course poor housing does not only affect our men and women in uniform but all citizens. According to the Uganda Beaural Of Statistics report, 94.3% of the people in Mbarara district are not living in decent houses and over 1000 households don’t have any toilet facility! Our soldiers, police officers and prisons officers live like beggers even when they do a lot of work. There is no fairness in promotions and deployments. In many cases, promotions and deployments are not based on merit, but on who knows who. Our promise to our men and women in uniform is that they will be paid better as soon as we are in government.

We understand that some of our pledges will take some time to implement, but our promise to pay a minimum of 1 million shillings to the soldiers and police officers will take immediate effect. This is because that money is available, and we know it.We shall get all that money hidden and then stolen in form of classified expenditure, and use it to improve the lives of these men and women who keep awake at night to keep us safe. I have said it before that the majority of our police officers and soldiers are good people and decent citizens.

Even when they are sent to beat and kill us, many of them do not like beating us. Therefore, we must commit to improving their welfare and in turn demand them to respect the rights and dignity of the citizens.Our promise to the Ugandan youth is that we shall find meaningful employment opportunities for them. In our first term of office, our plan is to create five million jobs! We shall do this by refocusing our priorities, investing in technology and embarking on a massive industrialisation agenda.Our promise to all Ugandans is that we shall safeguard their land and put an end to the massive levels of land grabbing. No citizen should be deprived their land illegally, and if that should happen, they must have access to justice. Our promise to ordinary citizens who work in the informal sector is that your work will be valued and rewarded.

Those who ride boda-bodas, the taxi drivers, the mechanics, ordinary businessmen and women, the house-maids, industrial workers and other categories, the principle must be that if you work hard, you must earn from your labor. As the Banyankole say, ebirungi biruga omu tuutu. (Hard work pays) We shall stop the witch-hunt of private business owners who are persecuted for real or perceived opposition to the government in power. We shall ensure that the taxes imposed on businesses are reasonable and once collected, those taxes must be put to the right use.Our promise to the mothers of Uganda is that you will never again feel unsafe giving birth in a Ugandan health facility. As we have pledged, we must have a maternal health facility at every sub-county in Uganda so that mothers do not have to move miles to access a mid-wife.

Here in Mbarara, more than 15% of the households are more than 5 kilometres away from a health facility! We will be guided by the Maputo Protocol and the Abuja Declaration and we shall invest heavily in healthcare, specifically targeting women and children.Our promise to the local investors is that we shall treat you the same way as we treat foreign investors. In this way, domestic innovation projects will be supported with business accommodation for a limited period. They will get tax waivers and energy subsidies. Uganda is full of young talent. We shall focus on promoting this expertise in our midst by investing in skilling programs for young people, and deliberately finding opportunities for them to practice their skills. To increase access to capital, the National Unity Platform shall begin the process of facilitating the setting up of trust funds. Beneficiaries of this will be secondary school students and early school leavers. Investment trust funds can be banked and invested domestically or overseas.

In this way, we shall promote a savings culture and promote entrepreneurship. Our promise to the farmers is that we shall focus on sourcing for the right in-puts, encourage and support cooperative unions for farmers. We shall source for regional and global markets for Uganda’s agricultural products, and we shall strive to make our products competitive on the world market. In that regard, I stand here mindful that the people of Mbarara and Ankole generally, whose lives largely depend on farming have in the recent years faced many problems including fake drugs and pesticides, low prices for their milk and Matooke etcMany farmers have lost cows, while those who specialize in crop production have been disadvantaged in many ways.

We must be more innovative and change the the way things are going.Our promise to Ugandans in the diaspora who continue to support our struggle is that we shall run a better government and build a better country, which you will all be very glad to come back to. I could go on and on Ladies and Gentlemen. But like I have already indicated, our future does not lie so much in what we promise today, but in our commitment to improving the lives of our people.

We are committed to improving the lives of entertainers like myself, the artists, the comedians, the writers and all the creatives. We are committed to finding opportunities for all professionals. We are committed to improving the lives of persons with disability and ensuring their full inclusion in national development. We are committed to fostering gender equality in the economic, social and political spaces. Women and girls must have the same opportunities as men and boys to contribute to national development.

We are committed to building strong relations with neighboring countries and the global community generally. We are committed to promoting peace and security, focusing both on the physical and economic security for our people. This is our promise to Uganda. In the new Uganda, the opposition will not be the biggest enemy of the state. Instead of turning our guns on citizens for disagreeing with us, we shall turn all guns on poverty levels that are ever skyrocketing under Museveni. It is painful when one travels across this country and sees the levels of poverty and lack. Therefore countrymen and women, I call upon you to vote for me and the National Unity Platform in the coming election.

A vote for NUP is a vote for democracy and the rule of law in our country. A vote for NUP is a vote for equality and fairness. A vote for NUP is a vote for constitutional reform, where we shall restore and fix term limits. In the new Uganda, it will be treason for anyone to attempt to remove term limits, or to extend their term beyond two presidential terms. A vote for NUP is an assurance that citizens will never be persecuted for disagreeing with the government. A vote for NUP is a vote for servant leadership. A vote for NUP is a vote for improved welfare for our soldiers, our police officers, our teachers and our health workers. A vote for NUP is a vote for improved infrastructure, focusing on feeder roads. A vote for NUP is a vote for economic transformation. A vote for NUP is a vote for the closing of the income gap between the rich and the poor. A vote for NUP is a vote for rewarding agricultural activity. A vote for NUP is a vote for improved relations with the global community, and the respect for our country among nations. A vote for NUP is a vote for massive investment in athletics and sports. A vote for NUP is a vote for the protection of our natural resources as a country which Gen. Museveni now treats as his personal wealth. A vote for NUP is a vote for deployment of science and technology. A vote for NUP is a vote for zero tolerance for corruption, not only in words but in practice. A vote for NUP is a vote for discipline in spending public resources. It is a vote for a smaller yet effective public administration. Fewr ministers fewer MP’s and yet better governed country.In a nutshell ladies and gentlemen, A vote for NUP is a vote for a renewed commitment to the dignity of all citizens of Uganda.

For the respect of fundamental human rights. For the recognition that all citizens are equal before and under the law. That will be a new Uganda for us. A Uganda In which citizens are free to enjoy their God given rights and freedoms.I know that many of you will ask me what will happen after you have given us that vote. My call to all citizens remains that we should turn up in very large numbers to vote. When we vote, let us all take responsibility to guard that vote. When we guard that vote and anyone attempts to tamper with it, it is our responsibility to defend that vote and it is within the law.We have done this before in Kyadondo, we have done this before in Bugiri, we have done this before in Rukungiri and we have done it before in Arua. It is now time to do it all over Uganda.This is a liberation struggle. It will take all of us citizens to complete this mission. God bless you. God bless Uganda.

Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert Presidential Candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert Musinguzi Presidential Candidate

Use Your Self-Quarantine Time To Become A ‘Coronapreneur’


In the midst of the toilet paper panic, you might be wondering if there’s a way to profit from this madness of the crowd.

Of course, there is. But there’s a better (and perhaps more ethical) way of doing it rather than stockpiling hand sanitizer in your spare room. There are real needs that large markets of people will soon discover. If you can be the first to provide that need, the world will beat a path to your door.

Can you think of the new wants that will result from more people working at home, student classrooms relocating from physical plant to the web and leisure activities moving from arenas and theaters to gaming systems and online movie archives?

Perhaps to grease your creative gears, it will help to explore the quick history of invention through the lens of economic eras. As populations expanded and grew, the need for greater food production increased. To meet this need, creative tinkerers invented tools and machinery to enable greater agricultural efficiencies.

Soon, demand for these tools and machines created a need for greater industrial production. Imaginative logistical thinkers designed new and better manufacturing methods to meet this demand.

Voilà! Bye-bye agricultural age, hello industrial age.

After about a century, it became clear the manufacturing advantage would fall to those who could process data quicker. A need for a machine capable of handling this massive number crunching emerged; thus, the computer was created.

Soon, the industrial economy gave way to our current age: the information economy.

It is this new business of bits and bytes which saw an increased need for faster and more expansive delivery of data. This need allowed a generation-old invention—the internet—to find a niche that exploded the information economy.

As you can see, a specific need triggered each transition from one form of economic activity to another. The results of the conoravirus, and the social distancing policies put in place to prevent further spread of COVID-19, will likely produce a vast array of previously unknown necessities. Maybe some future economic historian will call this period the beginning of the “CoronaEcomony.”

Here is where your entrepreneurial acumen can serve all mankind. Necessity is, after all, the mother of invention.

Does this interest you? Do you suspect you’ll have idle time as a result of going out less? Would you be interested in seeking a way to earn money by delivering newly invented products and services that will benefit your friends, neighbors and perhaps the nation (if not the world)?

Consider how the three behavioral changes defined above may reveal new wants just waiting to be filled.

#1: Telecommuting becomes the new norm.

Many suggest remote working will be just temporary. Thought leaders, however, realize the need to work at home will reveal the existence of inefficiencies that exist in the current way of doing things.

Here’s a simple example: the face-to-face directors meeting. This has been a norm since the beginning of the industrial revolution when the entity known as the “corporation” became the standard. Directors would gather together for lunch, dinner or some other activity and hold a meeting.

In the past this was a physical meeting. More often than not today, if you want the best directors, you better be able to allow them to videoconference.

Why? Simply stated, the cost in both time and money required of travel does not offset the value-added of meeting face-to-face.

Now translate this metaphor to the office environment. If your job has you working on a computer in a cubicle each day, why can’t that cubicle be in your home? It’ll reduce your cost of traveling to work, of buying lunch every day and the maintenance (and acquisition) of your wardrobe.

At what point do those costs outweigh the benefits of working in close proximity to one another?

Do you see why telecommuting can become the new norm?

What new wants will bubble up as a result of more people working at home? Perhaps a better understanding of how to make their Wi-Fi more efficient. Maybe they’ll want to learn how to cook meals quicker or more elaborately.

A few years ago, Sonja Nenonene shifted from working for an accounting firm to set up her own tax business at home. She expected to need to buy her own office supplies. “What I didn’t expect,” says Nenonene, “was the need for administrative services. I don’t have a big copier at my house, so I had to find an external provider for this. Normally, I would hand this off to someone else to do the printing and mailing.”

Will telecommuting produce an increased demand for virtual assistants, online tech support and web-based training?

To be honest, you shouldn’t expect to find the answer to “undiscovered wants” in a article. (Otherwise they wouldn’t be “undiscovered,” would they?)

#2: Distance learning becomes the new norm.

Online learning was a growing and evolving industry until regulations made it more difficult for the for-profit educational organizations advancing the idea. While the growth has slowed, it never stopped.

Now it may accelerate as not-for-profit institutions are compelled to deliver their product via the internet. Once the genie is out of the bottle, it usually proves difficult to force the genie back into its captivity. These institutions may realize the benefit of accommodating more students by offering online programs.

This has the potential to broaden the availability of the program to students who are less able to afford higher education because online classes will be offered at a lower cost. In addition, by living at home, students would not burden themselves with the cost of room and board and they’ll be able to continue working at home.

Who knows, with the right part-time job, students won’t have to worry about college loans and may even show net earnings as a result.

The trickier aspect is at the secondary school level. While everyone might not be able to be homeschooled, what if school districts offered students the option to go to school at home?

For smaller school districts, this might make more classes available to students. In the past, if not enough students enrolled in a particular course, that course would not be offered. By making the course available online to multiple districts, the chances are greater that the class will meet the minimum enrollment requirements.

Where is the entrepreneurial opportunity for you?

If you have a niche hobby that represents a small slice of a broader curriculum, you might be able to provide online sessions, workshops and even interactive learning experiences. For example, astronomy is but a tiny subset of Earth Science, and few high school teachers have a formal education in the subject. If you do, and you can get your hands on the curriculum requirements of your state, you can create a package teachers can use (assuming their districts will allow them to buy it).

#3: New types of sports, entertainment and leisure activities.

Despite the safety of social distancing, humans, being human, will always have a need for human interaction. Think of how you socialize (outside of work). You watch sports, go to movies and go out with friends.

Social distancing has cancelled and postponed sports and made attending social events a risky proposition.

It is in this category that we find the highest potential as well as the most relevant existing examples.

Here’s an idea you can’t do but might offer you a template. The NCAA’s March Madness basketball tournament has been postponed. What if the relevant colleges and broadcast networks got together with Take-Two Interactive and created a customized version of their basketball video game. They could then air simulated games as if it were the actual tournament.

You could do the same thing with an online game that allows you to play and record. People are already doing this, but it doesn’t yet have the broad appeal that the NBA and NHL have. If you can package even a neighborhood league, you can begin to attract your own audience.

Have you always wanted to own your own sports team? Now’s your chance.

The same thing applies to your long-standing desire to produce TV shows and movies. With live TV shows going dark and movie theaters empty, get your director’s chair ready!

It’s easier now than it has ever been to start your own YouTube channel or podcast. Do you see a market that you enjoy and no one is yet serving? This represents a prime-time opportunity for the budding entrepreneur.

Yes, you aren’t alone if you see the current reaction to the coronavirus as socially disruptive. It is.

Don’t look at this period as a “glass half-empty” time. Put your thinking cap on and see it as a “glass half-full” occasion.

Remember, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

Seize this day. Become a Coronapreneur.


Dr. Lina Zedriga Waru has on Wednesday April 08 been unveiled as People Power Movement second in command at the group’s head office in Kampala.

She will deputise Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi common name Bobi Wine who has already declared plans to challenge long serving President — Yoweri Museveni.

Dr. Lina Zedriga Waru Abuku is the Secretary of Uganda’s National Committee for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and All Forms of Discrimination.

She is a former Magistrate but now a full-time activist working to end social exclusion and all forms of discrimination against vulnerable groups, especially women.

She is also a practicing attorney, educator of trainers on alternative and transformative leadership, and mentor.

And in addition to her role on Uganda’s National Committee, she is the Director of Women in Peace Building and Reconciliation and actively involved with the Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE), The Association of Women Lawyers Uganda (FIDA-U), Trust for Africa’s Orphans (TAO-U), and Kampala Quality Primary Schools (KQPS), among other organizations.

She’s a lecturer at Victoria University in Uganda and the Executive Director of Zedriga Foundation in Northern Uganda.

Dr. Zedriga holds a Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies, Master of Arts in Human Rights, Bachelor of Laws LL.B and Certificate of Laws all from Makerere University.

She has a Certificate in Genocide Prevention from The Auschwitz Institute for Peace and
Reconciliation in Poland and a Certificate in Women and Public Policy from JF Kennedy Harvard University Boston US which she acquired on 2009.

BREAKING NEWS: 8 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Uganda

ll infected are Ugandans who traveled from Dubai. This brings to nine the number of cases Uganda has confirmed, a day after President Yoweri Museveni announced closure of the borders to human traffic.


Coronavirus: latest global developments

Here are the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis:

– More than 360,000 cases –

At least 16,146 deaths have been recorded since the virus first emerged in December, according to an AFP tally compiled at 1900 GMT on Monday based on official sources.

More than 361,510 declared cases have been registered in 174 countries and territories.

Italy has most deaths with 6,077, out of 63,927 declared infections.

Mainland China has 3,270 deaths out of 81,093 cases.

The third worst hit country is Spain with 2,182 fatalities and 33,089 cases, followed by Iran with 1,812 fatalities and 23,049 cases, France with 860 deaths and 19,856 cases, and the United States with 499 deaths and 41,511 cases.

– 1.7 billon confined –

More than 1.7 billion people have been asked to stay home in over 50 countries and territories around the world, including 700 million people in India alone.

France announces new restrictions, with Prime Minister Edouard Phlippe saying confinement could last “several more weeks”.

Italy, which is also in lockdown, bans domestic travel and shuts down a range of industries.

South Africa announces a three-week national lockdown from Thursday, while the Netherlands extends a ban on public gatherings until June 1.

– Trump fears for economy –

However, US President Donald Trump warns against the economic shutdown caused by mass quarantine measures, tweeting “WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF.”

– Global ceasefire call –

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres appeals for an “immediate global ceasefire” to protect vulnerable civilians in conflict zones from the pandemic, saying: “The fury of the virus illustrates the folly of war.”

– Economic rescue plans –

Group of 20 (G20) finance ministers say they are ready to support the most vulnerable countries.

EU finance ministers suspend rules on running public deficits in the bloc to allow member states to spend freely to tackle the crisis.

The German government agrees hundreds of billions of euros to cushion the impact of measures to contain the coronavirus.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says the world economy is facing more “severe” economic damage from the pandemic than the 2008 financial crisis.

– Pandemic ‘accelerating’: WHO –

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns the pandemic is clearly “accelerating”, but says it is still possible to “change the trajectory” of the outbreak, urging countries to go on the “attack”.

– Clinical trials –

China has started the first phase of a clinical trial for a novel coronavirus vaccine.

Russia has started to test a vaccine on animals.

A group of European countries launch clinical trials to test four experimental treatments, while Canadian researchers start to study the use of a powerful anti-inflammatory drug to reduce the risks of COVID-19 pulmonary complications and death.

– Border tightening –

Hong Kong has banned all non-residents from entering.

The United Arab Emirates will suspend from Wednesday, for two weeks, all passenger flights, including transit.

– Olympics: not ‘feasible’ –

World Athletics chief Sebastian Coe calls for the Tokyo Olympics to be postponed, writing to the International Olympic Committee holding the Games in July 2020 is “neither feasible nor desirable”.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe acknowledges for the first time that a postponement could be “inevitable’.

BREAKING! Uganda confirms first case of coronavirus – health ministry

Uganda has confirmed her first case of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the health minister Jane Ruth Aceng has announced.

Dr Aceng said the confirmed case is a 36 year old Ugandan male who arrived from Dubai, on Saturday March 21 2020 aboard Ethiopian Airlines at 2:00am.

During the screening process at the airport, Dr Aceng said the patient’s temperature was 38.7— prompting the health teams to isolate him at the airport for further follow up.

Subsequent temperatures taken at intervals of 30 minutes and one hour remained the same.

He was evacuated to Entebbe Grade B Hospital for further follow up where a nasal swab was taken for analysis.

Passengers arriving on international flights leave the international arrivals lobby after they have been screened and cleared for any symptoms of the novel coronavirus at Entebbe Airport on March 3, 2020. – The deadly virus has marched well beyond China’s borders, spreading across Asia and Europe and into Latin America, Africa and the United States. More than 90,000 people have been infected and 3,100 killed since the virus first emerged in China’s Hubei province late last year. (Photo by SUMY SADURNI / AFP) (Photo by SUMY SADURNI/AFP via Getty Images)

“The confirmed case presented with high fever and poor appetite. He is not coughing neither did he have flu. However, the persistent fever prompted the health workers to isolate him.”

“His nasal swab samples was sent to Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) for analysis. Results from UVRI showed the sample is positive for COVID-19.”

The patient has had travelled to Dubai on the March 17, 2020 for business purposes.

At the time of his travel, he was in good health. He is a resident of Kibuli, Kagungulu zone, Kampala.

To date, Dr.Aceng said a total of 1,827 travelers including Ugandans and others travelling back home have been identified as coming from high-risk countries for purposes of follow up.

About 827 are completing self-quarantine while about 1,000 are under quarantine.

She reassured the general public that all measures were undertaken to identify this case at the airport and isolate him in a timely manner.

“The passenger manifest has been retrieved and all contacts are known as we are in position of the passports of all the travelers that came on that plane.”

Uganda has suspended all incoming and outbound commercial passenger flights effective Sunday, March 22 at midnight for at least 30 days.

Addressing the country, President Yoweri Museveni said starting 12:00 am on Sunday 22 March 2020, no passenger planes or human movement will be allowed into or out of the country.

He said only Cargo planes and their crew will be allowed in Uganda as the country gets into total shutdown to prevent the Coronavirus.

Uganda is yet to record any case, with neigbhours Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo and Rwanda all already fighting to contain the spread.

“Due to the indiscipline of certain people in our efforts to curb COVID-19, we have decided to prohibit all incoming passengers into the country by air, water or road,” Mr. Museveni said.

He added that: “No person Ugandan or otherwise will be allowed to enter Uganda by land, water – except drivers of cargo vehicles. No buses minibusses, salon cars, boda boda, pedestrians on foot, people on bicycles. Nor will they be allowed to exit by these means.”

The ban, to begin on 22nd March also applies to Ugandan citizens trying to return home.

The disruption to air travel is also certain to ripple through economies, causing widespread damage to hotels, car rental companies, and restaurants.

BREAKING: Uganda bans all passenger flights from entering Uganda. Only cargo and UN planes will be allowed to land.

BREAKING: Government of Uganda bans all passenger flights from entering Uganda. Only cargo and UN planes will be allowed to land.

All travelers entering Uganda through buses have been banned as well, effective March 22. Uganda hasn’t registered any corona virus cases.

The critiques of M7’s Govt are still pressing it hard for it to do what is right. As we speak now all ugandans who were directed to pay for their own quarantine are now releived as the govt is now succumbing to the pressure from the people power activists whoa are not at ease in this difficult time the country is in right now.

The govt has pledged to pay for the quarantine but it will not refund all the money they had individually paid.

More details to follow.

People power activists keep pressing the button.

Country Music Icon Kenny Rogers dies at 81

Vocalist Kenny Rogers, who dominated the pop and country charts in the 1970s and 1980s with a string of sleekly tailored hits and won three Grammys, has died. He was 81. Rogers “passed away peacefully at home from natural causes under the care of hospice and surrounded by his family,” a representative for the singer said in a statement. Due to the  national COVID-19 emergency, the family is planning a small private service at this time with a public memorial planned for a later date.

Rogers had announced a farewell tour in 2015 and was able to keep it going through December 2017. In April 2018, shortly before he was to spend a few months finishing out the tour after a break, he announced that he was having to call off the remaining dates (including a planned appearance at the Stagecoach Festival in California), due to unspecified “health challenges.” “I didn’t want to take forever to retire,” Rogers said his April 2018 statement. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to say farewell to the fans over the course of the past two years on ‘The Gambler’s Last Deal’ tour. I could never properly thank them for the encouragement and support they’ve given me throughout my career and the happiness I’ve experienced as a result of that.”

 special, “Biography: Kenny Rogers,” had been announced by A&E earlier this month, set to air April 13. The special is said to be largely built around footage from the all-star salute Rogers received in Nashville on Oct. 25, 2017, just a couple of months before his final concert appearances. Among the guests who joined him for that sentimental sendoff at the Bridgestone Arena were Dolly PartonLionel Richie, Don Henley, Kris Kristofferson, Alison Krauss, Chris Stapleton, Little Big Town, Reba McEntire, the Flaming Lips and the Judds.

Rogers’ signature song “The Gambler” was added to the National Registry in 1978. It was the most recent of a lifetime of honors bestowed on the singer, which included induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame, three Grammys and six CMA Awards.

Rogers was one of the progenitors of country-pop crossover at the superstar level. “I came into country music not trying to change country music but trying to survive,” he said in a 2016 interview with “And so I did songs that were not country but were more pop. Nowadays they’re not doing country songs at all. What they’re doing is creating their own genre of country music. But I told somebody the other day, country music is what country people will buy. If the country audience doesn’t buy it, they’ll kick it out. And if they do, then it becomes country music. It’s just era of country music we’re in.”

After establishing himself commercially via rock- and pop-oriented singles with his group the First Edition, the bearded, prematurely gray Rogers was launched into the top rank of crossover country artists with a string of singles for United Artists Records.

His appealing, sometimes gritty voice propelled 20 solo 45s to No. 1 on the country charts from 1977-87. Two of them, his 1980 reading of Lionel Richie’s “Lady” and his 1983 collaboration with Dolly Parton “Islands in the Stream” (penned by the Bee Gees), also topped the pop lists. He worked profitably with a number of other female vocalists, including Dottie West, Sheena Easton, Kim Carnes and Anne Murray.

Country historian Bill C. Malone noted that Rogers’ ingratiating style “has been the chief source of his immense success. Rogers is a consummate story-teller, with an intimate and compelling style that almost demands the listener’s concentration. When his husky tenor voice slips down into a raspy, gravelly register, as it sometimes does, Rogers pulls the listener even further into his confidence.”

Rogers parlayed his music success into a successful side career as an actor. His 1978 country chart-topper “The Gambler” spawned five popular TV movies, while some of his other hits also inspired small-screen features.

Rogers was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2013 and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Country Music Association the same year.

Born and raised in Houston, he was the fourth of eight children in a poor family. He took to the guitar as an adolescent, and would sometimes perform with another aspiring local musician and future star, Mickey Gilley.

His early professional career was stylistically eclectic. While in high school, he formed a rockabilly group, the Scholars, who recorded for Carlton Records, a local label. After a brief stint at the University of Houston, he played bass with the jazz groups of Bobby Doyle and Kirby Stone.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1966, he joined the folk-pop unit the New Christy Minstrels, a group that also numbered such performers as Carnes, the Byrds’ Gene Clark, “Eve of Destruction” vocalist Barry McGuire and the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Jerry Yester among its members at one time or another.

With fellow Minstrels Mike Settle, Terry Williams and Thelma Camacho, Rogers founded the rock-leaning group the First Edition in 1967. Fronted by Rogers (whose name would be appended to the act’s moniker in 1969), the group notched two top 10 pop hits: “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)” (No. 5, 1968), a version of Mickey Newbury’s slice of pop psychedelia, and “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town” (No. 6, 1969), Mel Tillis’ downbeat song about the faithless wife of a handicapped Vietnam vet.

The First Edition’s fortunes began to wane in the early ’70s, and Rogers signed a solo deal with UA in 1976. He struck almost immediate pay dirt with “Lucille,” an absorbing vignette about a barroom encounter with a disillusioned woman and her estranged husband. The number became Rogers’ first No. 1 country hit and reached No. 5 on the national pop chart. It also scored Rogers his first Grammy, for best male country vocal performance.

Rogers also partnered with longtime female star West, and the duo racked up three No. 1 country singles for UA and then Liberty in 1978-81: “Every Time Two Fools Collide,” “All I Ever Need Is You” and “What Are We Doin’ in Love.”

He notched five more No. 1 solo country singles by the end of the decade. The biggest of these were the Grammy-winning “The Gambler” (also No. 16 pop in 1978) and the backwoods narrative “Coward of the County” (also No. 3 pop in 1979). They pushed the albums “The Gambler” and “Kenny” to No. 12 and No. 5, respectively, on the pop album charts. Each inspired a popular TV movie; Rogers would portray Brady Hawkes, protagonist of “The Gambler,” in a series of telepics that ran through 1994.

On the heels of a No. 1 greatest hits set in 1980, Rogers’ hits of the decade for Liberty and RCA found him moving increasingly into pop terrain and focusing on romantic balladry. “Lady” and “Islands in the Stream” (the latter one of many duets with frequent partner Parton) solidified his standing as country’s biggest crossover attraction; his rendering of Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonight” with Sheena Easton ruled the country chart and rose to No. 6 on the pop chart. In all, he recorded 23 top 10 country hits during the decade, five of which crossed to the pop side.

Though it failed to even dent the pop charts, “Make No Mistake, She’s Mine,” Rogers’ duet with singer-pianist Ronnie Milsap (and a remake of a duet by former bandmate Kim Carnes and Barbra Streisand) became Rogers’ next-to-last No. 1 country single in 1987. It also reaped a Grammy for best country vocal duet performance.

Like many another star of his era, Rogers began to fall out of fashion in the ’90s, as a younger generation of country musicians flexing a less countrypolitan style supplanted him. He made his last toplining appearance in a pair of telepics as reformed gambler Jack MacShayne in 1994. In 1999, he notched a final No. 1 country hit, “Buy Me a Rose,” with Billy Dean and Alison Krauss.

In the new millennium, sporadic releases on a number of independent labels and majors Capitol Nashville and Warner Bros. Nashville performed respectably on the country album charts but produced no major hits.

From the ’90s forward, as he maintained a busy touring schedule, Rogers increasingly turned his attention to various entrepreneurial enterprises, opening a chain of fast-food chicken outlets, Kenny Rogers Roasters, and a Sprint car manufacturing firm, Gamblers Chassis.

He issued a memoir, “Luck or Something Like It,” in 2012, and a novel, “What Are the Chances,” in 2013. That same year, he was the recipient of the CMA Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award. He received a similar honor from CMT with its Artist of a Lifetime Award in 2015.

Always active on the road, Rogers announced his retirement in September 2015, not long after a widely aired commercial for Geico insurance saw him reprising “The Gambler” for comedic effect.

At the Oct. 25, 2017 tribute concert in Nashville, Rogers joined in jocular exchanges with some of the homage-payers, notably Parton, who quipped, “I want to see what condition your condition’s really in.” They reprised their recorded duets of “You Can’t Make Old Friends” and “Islands In the Stream,” and Parton additionally sang him her own signature song, “I Will Always Love You.”

Footage of the 2017 concert was filmed by Blackbird Productions but went unseen until it was set for inclusion in the A&E “Biography” special airing in April.

“I hope my fans understand that I’m a father first and a singer second,” Rogers said about his planned retirement from touring, in a 2016 interview with, mentioning at that time that he had 11-year-old twin boys with his wife, Wanda Miller.. “As it turns out, I’m missing some very great parts of my boys’ lives. I know as well as anybody else how that time gets away from you. And I don’t want to miss it. I just worry about how much longer I’m going to be here, and I want to have time to spend with them. It’s pretty simple.”

Married five times, Rogers is survived by his last wife Wanda and five children.

Ugandan diagnosed with coronavirus in Rwanda

First case of Corona Virus By a Ugandan registered in Rwanda

The first recorded Ugandan national to test positive for coronavirus since the outbreak in China has been identified in Rwanda, their Ministry of Health confirmed.

The Ugandan national was part of the four additional virus cases to be identified on Sunday which brought Rwanda’s total confirmed cases to five having confirmed their index case on Saturday, March 14, 2020.

In a statement accessed by Nile Post, the Rwanda Ministry of Health identified the Ugandan as a “22 year old man with Ugandan nationality who arrived in Rwanda from London on 15 March 2020.”

The other three cases included a 34 year old Rwandan man who arrived from South Sudan on 6 March, 2020, His brother, a 36 year old Rwandan who arrived from Fiji via USA and Qatar on 8 March 2020 and a 30 year old Rwandan man in Kigali with no recent travel history.

The ministry of Health also announced that all the confirmed cases are stable and receiving treatment in isolation from other patients.

They said that they were tracing contacts for further containment of the virus.

Rwanda on Saturday had announced that all religious activities were to be carried out from home, placing a temporary ban on places of worship, gatherings and advised employers to guide on their employees on how they can work at home where possible.

Rwanda became the second East African country to confirm a case after Kenya.

Uganda remains with no confirmed case of the coronavirus as per the Ministry of Health at the time of writing this report.

Elsewhere, coronavirus that start in the Hubei Province, Wuhan city in China has so far spread to over 100 countries with 169,373 cases worldwide and over 6,475 deaths as of March 16,2020.

Another Student shot by Police – Kyambogo University.

I want to condemn in the strongest terms, the violence meted out on the #PeoplePower supporters in Kyambogo University today, by the police and military police. As can be seen in these pictures, some NRM supporters were seen removing our candidates’ posters and replacing them with theirs! Although security officers saw this conduct, they could not even attempt to stop or apprehend them! Later, they descended on our multitude of supporters who were peaceful, tear-gassed them and as I speak many are admitted in different hospitals! It is very shameful and annoying at the same time. While this is happening, the pressure is still mounting on our candidates to stop identifying with us.

Too bad for them, we are resolved. We shall march on and on until victory is won!