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My Vision & Mission

Mission & Objectives

Inspired By H.E. Bobi wine, JBMuwonge is dedicated to catalyzing social, economic, and political transformation in Uganda. Our mission is to inspire and mobilize the youth and all citizens towards creating a future where justice, democracy, and human rights prevail. We aim to dismantle the oppressive regime of Dictator Museveni through advocacy, activism, and the amplification of marginalized voices.

Youth Empowerment

Empower young Ugandans with knowledge, skills, and resources to actively engage in advocacy, activism, and civic participation for social change and political reform.  With over 85% below the age of 35, We firmly believe that the youth hold the key to Uganda’s future. With their energy, creativity, and passion, we envision a Uganda where young people actively participate in shaping their destiny and driving positive change.

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Raise Awareness

Increase awareness among Ugandans, particularly the youth, about the socio-economic and political challenges facing the country under Dictator Museveni’s regime, including issues such as human rights abuses, corruption, and poor governance.

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Media Engagement

Utilize various media platforms, including social media platforms, JBMuwonge website, JBMuwonge podcast, and TV channel, to disseminate information, share analysis, and foster dialogue on critical issues affecting Uganda’s future and the urgent need for change.

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International Advocacy

Engage with international human rights organizations, foreign governments, and diplomatic missions to raise awareness about the situation in Uganda, advocate for international support for democratic reforms, and pressure the Ugandan government to respect human rights and democratic principles.

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Capacity Building

Build the capacity of activists, community leaders, and grassroots organizations to effectively advocate for their rights, organize collective action, and hold government officials accountable for their actions.

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Everything that becomes true starts with a manifesto

Short Biography

John Baptist Muwonge, also known as JBMuwonge, is a Ugandan social activist and strategist dedicated to driving social change and advocating for social justice and human rights in Uganda. He is a passionate advocate against the despotic and tyrannical rule of Dictator Museveni.

He is a member of the National Unity Platfrom and the People Power movement, which seeks to unite Ugandans on issues such as ending human rights abuse, corruption and redefining the rule of law, with a focus on young Ugandans, He uses social media, and his inspiration for activism is Bobi Wine, a prominent activist. business man, actor, musician entrepreneur and political leader.

Political Affiliation

 People power Movement  and National Unity platform as a political party

Since 2017
John Baptist Muwonge

Masaka Uganda

Gulu University,                                                      Kampala international University Masaka Branch
Joined Activism

During 2016 General elections

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I Do Everything
For The Good of My Country

One man, Bobi Wine, transformed the course of his life from a celebrity to a revolutionary, taking on the formidable task of challenging the long-standing tyranny of Dictator Museveni. Museveni’s autocratic rule has inflicted immense uncertainty upon our country. Inspired by Bobi Wine’s courage, we too have taken up the mantle to fight for change and WE SHALL OVERCOME

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