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Who is JBMuwonge?

John Baptist Muwonge, better known as JBMuwonge, is a social activist, and relentless advocate for democracy, human rights, and social justice in his beloved nation Uganda. His unwavering commitment to exposing the truth and amplifying the voices of the marginalized has made him recognizable in the fight against the despotic regime of dictator Yoweri Museveni.

JBMuwonge is a dedicated member of the National Unity Platform (NUP) and the People Power movement, both of which unite Ugandans in the fight against human rights abuses, corruption, and the erosion of the rule of law under Museveni’s oppressive regime. He draws inspiration from prominent Ugandan activist, opposition leader and people’s President, Bobi Wine, who serves as the President of the National Unity Platform and has become a symbol of hope and resistance for the Ugandan people.

Together with like-minded activists and concerned citizens, JBMuwonge is part of a growing movement that refuses to be silenced by intimidation or violence. They are the voice of the voiceless, the beacon of hope in a nation shrouded in darkness – a united front that believes in the power of the people to reclaim their freedom and dignity.

JBMuwonge is not just an activist; he is a multifaceted changemaker who wears many hats. An entrepreneur, fashion designer, and teacher, he has harnessed the power of various platforms to further his cause. He is the founder of the JBMuwonge website and the owner of several social media channels, including a Facebook page, X handle, JBMuwonge TV, JBMuwonge Radio, and the JBmuwonge Podcast “Uganda’s Journey to Freedom”. Through these channels, he fearlessly shares commentary and analysis on the pressing political and social issues plaguing Uganda, shining a light on the urgent need for change and an end to Museveni’s nearly four-decade-long dictatorship.

The Catalyst: Museveni’s Despotic Rule

JBMuwonge’s dedication to activism stems from a deep sense of frustration and outrage over Museveni’s despotic and tyrannical rule, which has plunged Uganda into an abyss of social, economic, and political chaos. Under Museveni’s iron-fisted grip, Uganda has become a breeding ground for tribalism, nepotism, human rights violations, corruption, embezzlement, and the misappropriation of public funds. The country has been sent spiraling into a state of disarray, with the self-serving dictator ruthlessly suppressing any form of dissent.

The judiciary, media, and civil society in Uganda have all been muzzled and silenced, with anyone daring to speak out against the regime facing arrest, torture, or even death. Human rights abuses, including torture and extrajudicial killings, have become commonplace under Museveni’s rule. The people of Uganda live in a constant state of fear, their voices stifled, and their fundamental freedoms stripped away.

The Power of Youth: Uganda’s Potent Force for Change Amidst this bleak landscape,

JBMuwonge draws hope from the potent force of Uganda’s youth population, which comprises over 85% of the country’s citizens. He believes that the future of Uganda lies in the hands of this generation, who have the numbers, energy, time, and creativity to transform their nation and shape its destiny. Inspired by Bobi wine, JBMuwonge recognizes that the power to effect change lies within the youth, and through his social media platforms, he tirelessly works to mobilize and empower them to stand up against corruption, injustice, and oppression, and to build a better future for themselves and generations to come.

JBMuwonge is convinced that through the little efforts he adds on this struggle, combined with the tireless work of other concerned Ugandans led by President Bobi Wine and the National Unity Platform, Uganda will achieve the long-awaited reforms that will free the country from the shackles of dictatorship and oppression. He envisions a Uganda where democracy, human rights, and the rule of law are upheld, where the voices of the people are heard, and where the country’s vast potential is unleashed to create prosperity and progress for all its citizens.

JBMuwonge’s message remains clear: the time is long overdue for Ugandans to reject the status quo and demand a more just and democratic society. He calls upon his fellow agemates and citizens, particularly the youth, to rise up and take action, to unite in their resistance against corruption, injustice, and oppression, and to work together to build a better Uganda – a nation that serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when people come together in pursuit of a common goal.

Despite facing intimidation from the Ugandan government to the point of reporting his social media accounts to tech giants like YouTube and Facebook to be deleted, JBMuwonge remains committed to his work as an activist and advocate for social justice. He continues to use his online platforms to amplify the voices of marginalized communities, and to push for a more just and democratic society.

Dictator Museveni

We cannot allow Museveni’s dictatorship to continue hold us back. We have the potential to make Uganda a shining example of what a country can achieve when its people unite and work towards a common goal.

JBMuwonge and President Bobi Wine

I am convinced that my efforts, combined with the tireless work of other concerned Ugandans led by our President, H.E. Bobwine will lead us to the non-fictional social, economic, and political change that our country desperately needs, a one that is free from the shackles of dictatorship and oppression.

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