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Kamuli Based DJ arrested for playing Bobiwine songs.

Yesterday very many people were truly disappointed by the security officers in Kamuli town. Just because a DJ in one of the clubs was playing Bobi Wine music….

He was taken away for almost two hours and the all club was surrounded and I together with my pals were asked to vacate the place. This is so sad that even simple songs are becoming a threat to the regime. But all in we shall over come.




She has now remembered her God añd run to Him. She has now remembered her people and has run to them. She has, for obvious reasons, forgotten about the ‘Maje’ and she has shunned them. What an amazing twist!

Indeed like we always say ” East or West, home is the best”. The power of the people, our own people, so to speak ,at times is our only source of deliverance when tribulations visit us. How powerful they are!

It’s annoying though seeing how quickly we forget about our people when selfishness and greed blurs our vision. Suddenly, out of excitement, we become insensitive to the plight and cries of our people. We tell Mzee how our people are very happy and contended with his ‘excellent administration’, and why he should reign for eternity.

However, in all this hullabaloo, I would not like anybody to overlook or under look the key issues that this Anite of a girl raises: The impunity with which public servants abuse their offices, and embezzle public funds. And above all, the illicit and awkward manner in which all the other public assets were grabbed by private individuals. We should not chase the shadow, and end up missing the substance.

The Nigerians do have a saying that ” if a fox is found trying to eat the chicken, it’s only wise to first chase the fox away, and then warn the chicken against wandering into the bush”. We can and should deal with the ‘thieves’ first and then later we can lambast sister Evelyne for associating with them. The Mafia thieves, the cabals and the cartels in her beloved NRM government are as real as reality can be. They aren’t just imaginary as honourable Rugunda would like us to believe. He may even be one of them.

Our anger against a ‘kinsman’ should be felt in the flesh, and not in the marrows.

The pain of being Bobiwine

It must be extremely stressing to be Bobi Wine. Not so many Ugandans can stand a single day of a purely Bobi Wine livelihood.

Imagine seeing newspapers like the New_Vision selling millions of copies off your pain, they write all negative stories about you and make billions of money from your brand but can never highlight any of your achievement as ‘kickbacks’.

Imagine the likes of Baby cool and Kusaasira getting billions from the state to blackmail you…..meanwhile yo not allowed to perform anywhere in your country.

Imagine people like NBS’s Canary_Mugume, Andrew Mwenda, Rwomushana, and all regime apologists paid heavily just to attack and through insults to tarnish your otherwise good name.

As if that is not enough, ‘fellow opposition’ leaders get billions just disorganise your liberation efforts and strategies.

Such is a life of a true opposition leader. The dictator will go an extra mile frustrating your every move and most of all, they will try to incapacitate your economic survival…

The good news however is, with Bobi all this was expected. He unmoved, he only gets strong by the ever increasing support across the country…

Just like Joseph Starlin, Muamar Gaddif, Adolf Hitler (Who to me are the biggest 20th century dictators), what we are witnessing are all signs marking the end of the tyranny.

We all know for a fact that these tests despite the bad intentions of the perpetuators, are making us stronger…Teri kuzikiza.

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobiwine