244 Karamojong Men Cleared of False Charges After Year-Long Detention, But Justice Remains Elusive for 476 Others



The story of these 244 Karamojong men, who were unjustly arrested and detained for nearly a year, is a tale of gross injustice and human rights violations. They were part of a larger group of 720 innocent individuals who were apprehended in a brutal raid carried out by the UPDF at Kanawat Market in June 2022.

Despite their innocence, these men were thrown into Gulu Prison and other prisons in Amita, Agago, and Moroto, on baseless charges. For months, they languished in jail, cut off from their families and loved ones, and denied their fundamental rights.

But yesterday, on 4th April 2023, some of these men, including the three in question, were finally cleared of all charges and allowed to return home. It is a bittersweet victory, however, as one of them tragically died while in Gulu Prison, and five others remain missing. The rest continue to languish behind bars, their lives and freedom unjustly taken from them.

The plight of these Karamojong men is a stark reminder of the grave injustices that continue to plague our society. It highlights the urgent need for systemic change, where the rule of law and human rights are upheld, and the voices of the marginalized are heard.

It is time for those responsible for this injustice to be held accountable, and for the remaining men to be released immediately. This is not just about justice for these 244 Karamojong men, but for all those who have suffered at the hands of a broken system that has lasted for the past 37 years under dictator Museveni.
We must not rest until justice is served, and the human rights of every individual are respected and protected. Banange tulikuki???

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