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Besigye rules out appearance on 2026 ballot



Veteran four time opposition Forum for Democratic Change party presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye while appearing at the opposition Consultative meeting in Munyonyo last week, ruled out his participation in the looming 2026 general polls.

“If you are planning to look for a sole candidate to go to the 2026 elections, I am not with you. I will not to be party to be considered for those kinds of things,” Dr Kizza Besigye said on Friday, adding, “I don’t think 2026 in itself organised under what we have been discussing will ever cause Ugandans to be free. And the sooner we really unite over that, the better for this country.”

The veteran NRA historical says constitutional reforms should instead be premised on the revival of civilian democracy and the return of the sovereignty of the people of Uganda other than centralizing power to the person of Gen. Yoweri Museveni.

“Mr.Museveni is the sovereign of Uganda today. No doubt we’re beginning to see the succession of the crown prince. When people are sovereign, they pass on their sovereignty to whoever they decide. In fact, the sovereign is the constitution. If the people of Uganda were sovereign, they would be the constitution but they are not,” Besigye said. “For 60 years since Independence, Ugandans have never said we’re lifting this one to be our leader. All leaders are lifted into office by guns and removed by guns. Clearly, people do not have power. Those who have guns have the power. So, the people with guns are sovereign, not the people of Uganda,” he emphasized.

A number of NUP lawmakers seemed to be amenable to the idea of coalescing behind one flag bearer in 2026.

“The population needs to know who the flag bearer for the Opposition is, we market our candidate over the next three years, and we face the terrain,” Mr Joseph Ssewungu (Kalungu West, NUP) said.

Bobi on the other hand said emphasis should be laid on removing Mr. Museveni from power, but did not cast light on what means they are to use as the opposition.

Alliance for National Transformation party president Rtd. Maj. Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu discredited the use of firearms to achieve regime chance, stating that it will replicate the existence of tyranny.

“The only reason I have chosen not to pick up arms and fight this regime is the very understanding that even those who will pick up arms and fight to remove Museveni will not act any different from Museveni [when they assume power]. Weapons can intoxicate; much as money, much as power. If there’s any group that wants to take up weapons to remove this regime, I will not condemn them but I will not be party to it because I know what weapons can do once you get power”- Gen Muntu said.

By closure of the consulative meeting, no viable solution was arrived at by the opposition political parties as each seemed to be holding mixed feelings on the fronting of a sole opposition candidate in 2026.

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