Bobi Wine eulogizes ex MP Kato Lubwama



Addressing mourners on Sunday, June 11 at the late Lubwama’s home in Mutundwe, the NUP party president Bobi Wine told mourners that he and the late MP Kato Lubwama were not very close buddies.

He also alluded to Lubwama’s constant attacks on members of the National Unity Platform (NUP), but stressed that this was all politics which didn’t wash away the mutual respect they had for each other.

The NUP President said his fights with Lubwama started back when Parliament was debating the controversial presidential age limit amendment.

Even when the UPDF invaded the house chambers and beat up opposition MPs, he said, Lubwama was on the other side dancing.

“I was busy trying to fend off the men, my colleague (Muhammad) Nsereko was being grabbed by the waist, but Kato is just there dancing and I am like what’s up with this guy?” narrated Bobi Wine.

When Lubwama carried on with public attacks on him and the NUP party, Bobi Wine says many of his friends got angry with him.

“Our people were upset at how he was talking about me. But because he was older, I think he forgot that I was the actual president.”

Bobi Wine says however, that behind cameras he remained in touch with Lubwama and even checked on him when he was hospitalized.
He added that regardless of his politics, the deceased was a juggernaut in the entertainment industry, a source of inspiration, and above all a fellow Muganda.

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