Music promoters petition UNESCO over Bobi Wine stage ban



A team of Ugandan music promoters have petitioned the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) to compel the Government of Uganda to allow musician-cum-politican Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) back on stage

The group led by one Joseph Mayambala of Maijo Events want the UN agency to intervene and compel the Ugandan government to “stop suffocating” Bobi Wine’s music career.In the petition addressed to Rose Agoi, the Secretary General Uganda National Commission of UNESCO, the promoters said that the ban on Bobi Wine’s music shows was contrary to UNESCO’s and the UN’s human rights objectives.

“The government of Uganda has illegally locked him out from his profession even after court’s pronouncement that made it illegal for security organs to stop his events and concerts. This has left many people out of work who are dependent on every single event where Bobi Wine performs,” the petition reads in part.

“Uganda, a member state of UNESCO is suffocating Bobi Wine’s music because of his political views on corruption, nepotism and abuse of human rights. AII politicians in Uganda originate from different professions like law, farming, business, medicine etc.”

Mayambala told the press that they decided to petition the UN after failing to get justice from Uganda’s judiciary.

“Although court ruled that the ban on Bobi Wine’s concerts was illegal, today if you go to the police headquarters in Naguru, you cannot come out with a permit for a Bobi Wine show,” he said.

“We explained in the petition that Bobi Wine is not the only one losing; in fact he isn’t even the one losing most but we the organizers are the ones hurting most,” he said.

Bobi Wine last attempted to hold a music show in Kampala in April 2019.

The Easter show at One Love Beach in Busabala was blocked by Police and the singer arrested on site.

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