Nabbanja orders RDCs to arrest LOP Mpuuga



The Prime Minister of the illegitimate government of the NRM has ordered the Resident District Commissioners to arrest the Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga.

The row stems from the impending oversight tours by the LOP who is busy exposing the dire state of government hospitals.

Speakinf at Kawolo health centre yesterday, an embittered Nabbanja cautioned the Mr. Mpuuga to stop ‘politicizing’ the state of hospitals.

“He was here in Kawolo a few days ago, how did he help you (doctors)?. We are the government in power and we don’t act under pressure. If you think Mr. Mpuuga and NUP will solve your issues then you are making a fool of yourselves,” Nabbanja intimated. “Some of you were like drunkards. What did you gain when you exposed yourselves. Did the LOP help you? What did you gain? By the way, some of you will answer some serious questions,” she warned.

The infuriated Nabbanja says she has issued instructions to all RDCs to arrest the LOP in case he again attempts to visit a government hospital.

“We don’t want his politics in our hospitals. The next time when he comes and he is not sick himself, we shall arrest him. I have ordered the RDCs to make restraint measures to bar him from disrupting works at our hospitals,” she said.

However, the Leader of Opposition Mpuuga says he cannot obey illegal orders from an iron sheets thief like Nabbanja.

“My nationwide oversight tours will proceed uninterrupted. I cannot break down. This woman is a corrupt criminal pending court prosecution. She is an iron sheets thief like we all know,” he said.

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