NUP MP Malende to table bill to address minimum wage, public servants welfare



The Kampala District Woman Member of Parliament Hon. Shamim Malende has threatened to table a bill tasking government to urgently address the welfare, salary and arrears of public servants and other Ugandans employed in civil service and private sector.

Malende says it is high time that the government considers improving the welfare of its employees as it is the root cause of increased gun violence and other forms of underfed services.

Her proposal comes at a time when the gun violation amongst members of the armed forces are on the rise.

The latest case was registered in Kassanda district on Tuesday where a frustrated Private constable, Kitiyo Alex attempted to shoot dead his senior officer, before he also took his own life.

Soldiers and armed men’s mental status is also in contention as the lawmaker Malende believes it is the genesis of brutality, torture and inhumane arrest of citizens on whom these frustrated officers met their terror.

“RAMPANT SHOOTINGS VS POLICE SACCO EXODUS; This morning we addressed a presser on the welfare of security officers especially those in the Uganda Police Force. They say it’s high time that the EXODUS SACCO comes to their rescue.We wrote to IGP over this matter and a consultative meeting is yet to be fixed.

We condemn the rampant abductions, illegal detention and detentions without trial. We also condemn the manner in which boda riders are being manhandled by the new boda boda enforcement. We also condemn the manner in which hawkers and street vendors are manhandled by KCCA in their gazetted areas,’ Malende wrote.

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