Police and Military unleash brutality at participants, Blocks the Joel Ssenyonyi Easter Tournament.



The Joel Ssenyonyi Easter Tournament should have been a day of fun, competition, and community, but instead, it turned into a stark reminder of the oppressive Museveni regime that currently governs Uganda.

The police and military, in a display of cowardice and abuse of power, shamelessly blocked the finals of a community tournament in Kiwatule, demonstrating their utter disregard for the people they are supposed to serve and protect. The Military brutally forced everyone off the playgrounds mercilessly beating whoever had come to participate in these final games.

The unbelievable excuse given by the Old Kira Road DPC, Jeff Ssebuyungo, that weddings, parties, and tournaments require clearance from the IGP, is not only confusing but also absurd and laughable, imagine getting clearance to have your wedding????, which nonsense is this??

Actually, this flagrant disregard for the law is a premeditated attempt to stifle freedom and oppress Ugandan citizens. It is a clear indication of a Museveni regime that is fully determined to continue violating basic principles of justice and fairness, of course it has always been the trend, but this is adding salt to the injury. For God’s sake how can you stop a tournament

It is alarming to think that a simple football and netball match would be enough to frighten this Museveni regime. What you must know These shameless cowards led my Museveni fear gatherings, suspecting that they may turn into protests and overturn the Museveni regime that has been causing havoc in Uganda for the past 37 years. They know they have messed up our country, they know they’ve committed so many atrocities, and they know people are both hungry and very Angry.

It is high time We Native sons and daughters of this Land stood up and demanded our rights to be respected. Incidents such as this must not go unnoticed or unchallenged. We must also do anything possible.

This incident is yet another example of the authoritarianism and oppression that have become commonplace under the Museveni regime. The time is long overdue to end this lawlessness and abuse of power and to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. The time is now for us Ugandans to demand a just and free a society where our fundamental rights are protected.

We must not relent, The time for action is not tomorrow, yesterday or today, the time NOW and we must act with urgency and determination to ensure that justice prevails. A free and just Uganda is possible, but we must all stand together and demand it.
We have a huge responsibility to design a Country that works for all of us – a New Uganda.#JBMuwonge #WeAreRemovingADictator #PeoplePower

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