Police block NUP women MPs march to internal affairs Ministry



Police have this morning again blocked a section of female opposition National Unity Platform party lawmakers who were this morning marching to the office of the Internal Affairs Ministry to deliver their petition decrying Police brutality.

The women were armed with a petition which they wanted to deliver to show their concerns with the police brutality that has manifested during the belated women’s day celebrations.

The women yesterday delivered a petition to the office of the speaker of Parliament, and sought her intervention in addressing this police notoriety.

This came in wake of the egregious acts of police as they clobbered the Buvuma district woman MP Hon. Suzan Mugabi. The MP was pepper spreyed and manhandled by policemen commanded by the DPC, RDC and RPC.

In Wednesday plenary, the Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa asked the Minister for Presidency Hon. Milly Babalanda to account for the ugly brutality unleashed on MPs who are lawfully doing their constituency duties.

In relation to all that, the women MPs aligned to the NUP party today clad in the gomesi attire attempted to peacefully march to the internal affairs ministry only to again be intercepted by the very police whose brutality they are putting to check.

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