Police brutally arrest Kyambogo students



Yesterday the 18th day of April 2023,Kyambogo University government sponsored students declared what they termed as a ‘Bloody Wednesday‘ in pursuit of unpaid allowances that the University has deliberately failed to provide

According to sources from Uganda’s second largest Institution of learning several students are currently stranded with hostel bills and some surviving on one meal a day.Led by their leaders, these angry and frustrated government students have today stormed the University senate to demand for vivid answers as to why the University is starving them.

Police was called in to calm down the swarm of students but all in vain.Chanting slogans and calling on the University bursar to get out of senate,the students were not ready to give in.Over 14 students were picked up in the scuffle and whisked to Jinja Road police station.

Its been approximately three months since we applied for allowances,we must receive these allowances at the beginning of the semester but its now 5 weeks and nothing has been provided’ one student said.
Despite numerous engagements and efforts by the KYUGOSSA(Kyambogo Government students Association) heads to see the University append allowances,nothing has been delivered.

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