Police Raids Downtown Kla Confiscates 400 NUP, Bobiwine Tshirts including other branded materials



The actions of the criminal regime in this country Uganda led by Dictator Museveni are nothing short of outrageous. On Tuesday, just as our Mobilisation Team was getting ready to leave for the Western Region, the police launched a brutal raid on downtown Kampala and callously confiscated hundreds of our T-shirts and branding materials, which were being made there. The only thing these T-shirts featured was our Party Logo(@National Unity Platform Logo) and the words ‘Operation Kunga Uganda.’

To make matters worse the police didn’t stop there, they cruelly arrested one of the young men who was working on the materials. This is an unspeakable acts of injustice and an affront to our rights sons and daughters of this Land.
And what’s even more disgusting is the regime’s claim that the T-shirts were going to be used for protests – as if peaceful protest is a crime! It’s more clear that the authorities are trying their very best to stifle our message of a nonfictional social economic and political change but we will not be silenced!

Our legal team has been working tirelessly to recover the stolen materials, but to no avail. And to rub salt to the wound, the criminal regime had the audacity to address the press and make baseless accusations against us of using the T shirts to Protest!

Here’s a video of them brazenly stealing our materials in broad daylight. It’s clear that they’re not even trying to hide their criminality and repression anymore.

What’s particularly galling is the fact that the police won’t touch Museveni’s materials, which are made from the same place – but who in their right mind would even want to put them on? The growing persecution against Us only confirms how scared they are of our righteous cause for freedom and democracy. It actually continues to confirm that we r on the right track.

Time is long over due for anyone who collaborates with Museveni to wake up and see the true face of his criminal regime, which is hell-bent on suppressing any dissent and crushing any hope for Freedom and democracy in this our country Uganda.

We will not be silenced or intimidated by their thuggery! We will continue to fight for what is right, and we will not rest until we have achieved our goal of a free and democratic Uganda, A New Uganda! We can’t just sit back and watch this madness. By Jbmuwonge – Social Activist.

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