SFC, UPDF conduct search at NUP coordinator’s home



The elite Special Forces Command troops last night broke into the Kawempe based residence of abducted NUP supporter Umar Magara.

The suspect is a Muslim by religious denomination and an aide to KCCA works Minister also NUP Lord Councillor for Rubaga, Mr. Hakim Kizza.

Authorities according to trusted sources claim Mr. Magara has close ties with some insurgents in the Allied Democratic Forces rebels who are stationed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Last night, a chained and blindfolded Magara was paraded at his residence in Kawempe in the night at around 21:00hrs and a search was conducted.

The security operatives planted IEDs at his home and claimed they were in his custody and that they were to be used in the May 8th protests by NUP supporters.

“They planted bombs at his home and claimed he is a rebel,” a neighbor to Magara says. “We saw them package him in a drone and drive off with what they claimed to be bombs,” the source adds.

NUP have condemned the abduction of their members and tagging them to capital offenses in a bid to justify their persecution. The party leaders say the army is partisan and playing to the script of the state to antagonize their mobilization efforts.

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