UPDATE: Missing NUP journalist charged with terrorism, released on bond



After 4 days of incommunicado detention at a military facility, Swabrah Kiganda has been charged with terrorism and released on police bond.

She has such a harrowing tale of beatings and torture as they interrogated her about what NUP is plotting against the regime.

A tweet by the Secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya shows a frail Swabrah visited by NUP president Bobi Wine and the NUP lawyer Saasi Marvin.

“We just checked on her in hospital where she was rushed for medical attention,” Rubongoya said in a tweet.

Bobi statement

This evening, journalist Swabrah Kiganda Owomukisa who also heads the National Unity Platform online media team has been released from incommunicado detention after four days! The REAL TERRORISTS charged her with TERRORISM and released her on police bond. She says she was held at a military facility in Mbuya where she was severely beaten and subjected to gross torture. She couldn’t tell us the whole story without breaking down. She was interrogated about her role in NUP and what we are plotting against the Museveni regime! Our teams are working hard to give her the much needed medical and psychological support. I am convinced beyond doubt that these criminals will account for every crime they are committing against the people of Uganda! It is only a matter of time.

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