Wangadya threatens to dismiss Bobi Wine music ban case



The chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission Mariam Wangadya has warned that she will be implored to dismiss the appeal case filed by the NUP president Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine.

Wangadya told Bobi Wine’s legal team that her commission has given the political icon one final chance to either respond to the UHRC summons or else the case gets disposed.

“Bobi Wine is always roasting us on social media. He says we are chained and powerless. What does he want from us now?,” Wangadya was heard lamenting during the hearing. “I want to sound my final warning to Mr. Bobi Wine to either respect the UHRC and attend these hearings or else I will dismiss his case. I hereby adjourn this matter sine die,” she added.

Wangadya’s conduct left Bobi’s legal team shocked. Counsel Benjamin Katana who was part of Bobi’s legal team in a press interview said he is worried if Wangadya would give his client justice in this matter.

Counsel George Musisi on the other hand wondered how Wangadya who has made Bobi Wine wait for 5 years since the case was filed, could be so impatient that she wouldn’t wait for an extra day to have the matter heard.

Bobi Wine appealed a police ban on his Kyarenga extra concerts that were to be held in Wakiso, Arua, Mukono and Gulu districts in 2019. High Court judge Esta Nambayo rescinded the police ban a year later in May 2020 but then Internal Affairs Minister Obiga Kania said they would proceed to bar the musician from performing as long as his songs were conveying hate speech.

Bobi Wine legal team attends a UHRC hearing held on Monday May 23rd, 2023

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