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LGBT bill is diversionary-Bobi



President of the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) party Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) has described as “diversionary” the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill (2023).

The bill, which was introduced in parliament this week by fellow opposition party leader Asuman Basalirwa of JEEMA, Bobi Wine says, is a “trick” being played by President Yoweri Museveni to spark confrontation between his opponents in the opposition and their foreign partners.

The bill, he says, is also intended to divert attention from the back to back scandals that have hit Museveni’s government, including the ongoing investigations against several cabinet members over corruption, the NSSF saga and human rights abuses.
“It is interesting that this bill is coming up now amid all these scandals; Museveni already knowns what the people of Uganda think about Homosexuality and what counties in the west think. Now he wants to put people like me on the spot for people to hear how I respond.” he said

Bobi Wine, who was appearing on BBS Television on Saturday morning, stopped short of giving his personal views on the proposed legislation.
He however, noted that his stand on the LGBT relations had “long been known” by the people around him including those in his party.

“You also know that I have also been banned for ten years from traveling to the United Kingdom because of my stance on the matter. This is now the 9th year of the ban. In fact, recently I was thinking of going to court to challenge for my right to travel.”
On the other hand, Bobi Wine questioned the enthusiasm that the bill has been generated by the bill, especially from the heads of religious intuitions.

The Archbishop of Church of Uganda Samuel Kazimba Mugabi has been central in the debate, having recently hinted on cutting relations between the Church of Uganda and the Church of England which came out recently to support same sexy marriage.
Last Month, Muslims around the country, with guidance from the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council held peaceful demonstrations against homosexuality.

But Bobi Wine wondered today why these leaders have been silent about other matters of human rights in the country.

“I am still waiting on the Sheikhs to hold protests against the continuous arrests of their fellow Muslims by the government. I am still waiting for the Archbishop to protest about the abduction of Ugandans and the corruption in cabinet.”
He also accused some foreign governments and organizations of playing double standards.

“With the previous bill, they came out and cut all the aid to Uganda because they said the bill was against human rights. But I have been asking them, if it was about human rights; the people being kidnapped and killed in Uganda today, don’t they have a right to life?”

“I have been asking them that in the same way you used a lot of energy to cut that aid, you should also cut aid because of the wrongs being done against Ugandans by the government”
Hon Asuman Basalirwa, the architect of the anti-homosexuality bill says in the coming 45 days, he will have consultation meetings with all heads of political parties in Uganda to get their views on the bill.

Basalirwa says recently he has been getting questions about whether he had spoken to “one particular opposition leader” on the matter.
“But what I can tell you is that by now, I am confident that no political party leader supports this (LGBTQ rights) …I am confident that all the leaders we are together in this,” he said.

Credit: Chimpreports

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NUP/People Power Archives

Sad; NUP abducted Councillor held incommunicado for 25 days now



Today marks 25 days since this comrade Muwanga Owen Martin was abducted by the military! He remains under incommunicado detention. He is an elected Councillor in Kyengera, and impassioned activist. Ironically, he was taken away by heavily armed operatives moving in a drone UAL 119V as he returned home after the screening of the Documentary about the gross violations of human rights. Although the police spokesperson admitted that he is in the custody of ‘security’, he has neither been produced in court. His family, lawyers, doctors, and friends have all been denied access to him. Today, our legal team will be asking court to issue a Habeas Corpus order for his release. Very sad state of affairs! #BringBackOurPeople

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Bobi Wine outraged by rampant poverty in Oyam



President Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine was today outraged by the obscene poverty in Oyam District and Northern Uganda at large.

Bobi had gone to drum up for support for the NUP candidate Daniel Okello who is tussling it out with four other candidates.

In his message, Bobi expressed his disgust at the NRM regime which he says has impoverished the people of Northern Uganda.

Bobi Wine statement;

We spent the day in Oyam North Constituency preaching the message of liberation to our people there! The population in Northern Uganda has been deliberately impoverished and subdued. The levels of poverty are unbelievable. It was very painful seeing old people asking us if we moved with some food because they are starving! The NRM machinery only comes around during elections. It is then that these people get to see the “government” through the long military convoys driving around regime officials! It is during elections that these people are bribed with as little as 500 Uganda shillings and given new empty promises.

Well, we made several stop-overs around the constituency with our comrade Daniel Okello, and yet again reminded these people about the extent of the problem our country faces and everyone’s duty to deliver our nation from this mess. I am grateful to our people for the overwhelming reception, despite all the intimidation and military deployment everywhere! Uganda will be free!

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MP Zaake to be heard today



Parliament retrieves Zaake’s govt car
Mr Francis Zaake, the Mityana Municipality legislator. PHOTO/FILE |

The Constitutional Court will today begin re-hearing the 2022 impeachment case of Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament (MP), Francis Zaake.

Zaake petitioned the Constitutional Court seeking its declaration to, among other things; overturn his controversial removal from the position of commissioner of parliament for allegedly insulting Speaker Anita Among on social media.

This was after Zaake and his lawyer complained of a delayed judgment on June 5 before the court’s administrator Justice Geoffrey Kiryabiwre who informed them that court suffered manpower shortage on quorum following the promotion of Justice Steven Musota to the Supreme Court.

Justice Musota was among the five justices who heard Zaake’s petition in June 2022.

Other justices are; Catherine Bamugemereire, Christopher Izama Madrama, Muzamiru Mutangula Kibeedi, and Irene Mulyagonja.

In his petition, Zaake details the events that took place prior to his alleged removal.

He also claims that each member of the parliament’s committee on Rules, Privileges, and Discipline, who participated in his removal, received a kick-back of Shs6 million.

A total of 155 MPs voted to remove Zaake from the position after being found guilty of disparaging the speaker.

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